Store Spotlight: Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts


Grandpa Shorter's Gifts open for over 66 years, located in Petoskey, MI.

Check out Grandpa Shorter's wide assortment of Minnetonka colors and styles!

The helpful staff at Grandpa Shorter's waiting to help you pick out your next pair of mocs.

So many mocs and slipper styles to choose from at Shorter's!


Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts 301 E. Lake Street Petoskey, MI 49770

This week we are happy to spotlight Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts located in Petoskey, MI.

Owned and operated by third generation proprietor Jennifer Shorter, Grandpa Shorter’s has been open for over 66 years. “It is a tradition to come into Shorter’s to get your summer moccasins” they hear at Grandpa Shorter’s on a daily basis from the familiar faces that visit each summer.  This is Grandpa Shorter’s story.

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Shorter’s has been selling Minnetonka Moccasins since 1946 and was one of Minnetonka’s first accounts. Before WWII, my grandfather, Carl Shorter, managed Teysen’s Souvenir shop in Mackinaw City, MI during the summers of 1940 – 1942 for Harry and Grace Teysen.  Carl Shorter always credited Harry Teysen for teaching him about the souvenir/gift industry.  In the Fall of 1942, Carl moved his family to Detroit to do his patriotic duty and joined the war effort. When the war ended in 1945, he and his wife Ruth moved their family back to Petoskey and began making plans to open Shorter’s Indian Craft Shop.  The partnership of Shorter’s and Minnetonka then began.

Our name was originally Shorter’s Indian Gift Shop.  The name was changed to Shorter’s Gift Shop in the 70’s to reflect the change in merchandise to include gifts.  Carl Shorter passed away in 1983 and my parents, Bill and Mari Shorter, took over the store.  They renamed the store Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts in honor of Carl Shorter.  (Not to mention, that all his grandchildren called it Grandpa’s store, anyway!)

What are the most popular Minnetonka styles at Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts?
The little girls love the hot pink fringe boots.  The Moosehide moccasins are a hit with the adults, and women of all ages love the fringe boots.  All of the beaded moccasins are a must-have for those who have grown up wearing mocs and love the tradition of getting a new pair every summer. And of course, all the sheepskin slippers are popular since we are in the North Country where the winters are cold and the summer nights chilly.

What is your favorite style of Minnetonka mocs to wear?
I love my orange Silverthorne sandals! I’ve had all the Silverthorne colors over the years, but the orange is my favorite. My second favorite pair of Minnetonkas are my tall black sheepskin pug boots. I live in them from November through May. My daughter, Kaitlyn, is ten and she likes to rock the hot pink 3-layer fringe boots with everything.  I love to hear the fringe swish when she walks.

What are a few of your favorite “must see” destinations when visiting the Petoskey area near Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts?
Petoskey, Michigan
It’s been a tourist and resort destination for 150 years.  Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, there are miles and miles of bike trails in Petoskey which link the towns. You can’t come to Petoskey without taking home at least one Petoskey stone!  It is a requirement.  Petoskey stone is a fossilized coral that is 350 million years old.  It is ONLY found in this area because Michigan was covered in a warm salt water sea when this fossil grew.  It fossilized and was moved about by glaciers.  Now, pieces wash ashore onto our beaches.

City Park Grill
Hemingway used to sit at the bar at this fun establishment, and their whitefish is a local favorite. After dinner, wander downtown and make your way to Sunset Park.  Watch the sun slip into the azure waters of Lake Michigan. We have been known as the “land of million dollar sunsets” for over 100 years. After the sunset, stroll up Howard Street and get an ice cream come from Kilwin’s or Murdick’s.  They each have traditional favorites and some that are their own signature flavors such as Petoskey stone ice cream and sea salt caramel.  Delicious!


My Minnetonka Story: Ellegra Davis

Ellegra in her 5-layer fringe Minnetonka boots.

A summery look paired perfectly with her Minnetonka boots.

A gorgeous backdrop for Ellegra and her Minnetonka 5-layer fringe boots.


My Minnetonka Story:  Ellegra Davis of the blog Smiley Legs

What was your first pair of Minnetonka boots?
My 5 layer fringe boots were my first and are still my favorite pair of Minnetonkas, they are my go-to shoes. When in doubt, I go to the 5 layer fringe boots.

Where were your first pair of Minnetonka boots purchased?
My first pair were a gift from my lovely best friend for my 21st birthday.  Her dad owns this awesome boot store in Austin TX called Allens Boots and she got them for me from there. If you are ever in Austin be sure to poke your head in that store, its mostly cowboy boots but they have a nice little selection of Minnetonkas!

What is your favorite memory involving your Minnetonka boots?
I wore my 5 layer fringe boots to an event in downtown Tucson for dia de los muertos. That night at least 5 different people came up up to me and wanted to pet my boots, as if they were shaggy dogs. This one guy was even speaking to them in the voice that you would talk to the cutest puppy in, ” hi little booties!” It was bizarre but it happens all the time to me!

How far have you and your Minnetonka mocs traveled?
My 8 (almost 9 waiting on the 3 layer fringe boots in wine currently in the mail) pairs of mocs have traveled with me everywhere! Every road trip, every overnight, I always have a pair with me. My mocs have gone everywhere with me from Tucson, to LA, to Chicago, to Austin. They have braved the craziness of Lollapalooza, and walked the streets of 6th in Austin TX for South by Southwest.

Describe your Minnetonka style.
Minnetonkas are definitely my go-to shoes, the Kilty mocs when its in the high 90’s outside and I’m going to be exploring the city of Chicago running from train to train. I’ve even covered my brown Kilty’s with rhinestones to make them a little more ME. The extra shine goes a long way. I wear my mocs with everything from short dresses in the summer, to tights and layers in the winter.  They go with everything, you can never go wrong.  I am a devoted Minnetonka fan and they will always be my favorite go-to shoes.

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