DIY Spotlight: Cotton & Curls

Liz of Cotton & Curls in her Classic Fringe Boots with Reversible Fringe Attachments

A sneak peak at next week's DIY project by Liz!

Check out our Q&A with Cotton & Curls blogger Liz Bryson. Plus, sneak a peek at next week’s DIY tutorial, how to make adorable Fabric Attachments for your Classic Fringe Boots!  And be sure to stop by Cotton & Curls to enter to win a pair of Classic Fringe Boots of your very own to DIY! 

What is your Minnetonka story?
My Minnetonka story ventures back into my first few years of college, where it reminds me of my best friend and roommate, Michelle, who often wore her Minnetonka moccasins and loved them to no end. So, naturally I have grown a nostalgia for moccasins, it reminds me of hanging out with my roommates in our apartment talking about boys, picking up fast food in the middle of the night, having dance parties, and all those other fun college memories.

What’s your favorite way to style your Minnetonka mocs?
There are two styles in particular that I love seeing paired with moccasins. You can make them look more fun and dressy by pairing them with a full circle skirt and fuzzy top. Or you can make the look more relaxed and 90s with torn jeans and a gray tee shirt or flannel button up. Both polar opposites, making me love the moccasin styling options even more!

What inspired you to start your blog?
Probably the importance of time. When I first started really delving into sewing, I was making all kinds of things, and after a couple handfuls of projects I realized sewing is a time sucker and I was too obsessed to give it up. With a brand new baby and a husband, I had to either put it more on the back burner or do something with my new found love, the answer was simple – blog.

Where do you get your DIY ideas?
Everywhere! All forms of art, magazines, blogs, brands, designers and their runways shows, vintage stores, thrift stores, random people I see, pinterest, crafts, decorations, prints, graphic design, the list goes on and on. Usually, something will catch my eye, in whatever setting, and I get an “aha moment.” It happens at least 1 to 10 times a day. I love it!

DIY Project: Reversible Fringe Attachments

We are excited to introduce our very first Minnetonka DIY Project! To kick off this new feature on the Minnetonka blog we are happy to spotlight DIY blogger Liz Bryson, of Cotton & Curls. Check out Liz’s creative and fun tutorial below on how to make Reversible Fringe Attachments for your Classic Fringe Boots!

Liz of Cotton & Curls in her Reversible Fringe Attachments


Leather or a thicker non-fraying fabric or material
Optional – glitter and gold spray paint
Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
Heavy string

1. Measure the fringe of your shoe and cut out a piece in the same dimensions, unless you want the attachable fringe to be shorter or longer, then alter it according to your preferences. Measure the width of each individual fringe piece and use that measurement to turn that solid attachment piece into fringe with a rotary cutter or scissors.

2. Cut the ends into little triangles if that mimics your shoe’s fringe. If not, then you can skip this step.

3. This is what the piece will look like when done with the cutting.

4. Poke a hole on each end near the top corner and tie a heavy string through each hole. This will be the string that ties the fringe to the shoe.

To make this reversible is the fun part! You can keep the material as is, or you can leave it the same on one side and doll it up on the other. Making that 1 set of attachments, 2 sets of attachments. Some ideas could be mod podging fabric, stenciling, painting, glittering, etc.

What I did:
*optional 5&6
5. Mod podge one side of the piece.

6. Sprinkle glitter, let dry, shake the glitter off and lightly cover with a varnish to hold the glitter in place. Spray the other side with a metallic gold spray paint and let dry.

7. Done!


Blogger Spotlight: Skunkboy

Katie creator of the blog Skunkboy in her Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe Boots

We love this cute and cheery winter look styled with a pair of Back Zipper Boots

A lovely boho chic look featuring Katie's Minnetonka must-have, a pair of Front Lace Knee Hi Boots

Blogger Spotlight:  Katie of Skunkboy

We are excited to spotlight the lovely Minnetonka style of Katie, the blogger behind Skunkboy, a personal style blog filled with crafty DIY projects and adorable fashion inspiration. Find out Katie’s Minnetonka story in our Q&A and see how she styled her Minnetonka boots this season, including the Front Lace Knee Hi Boot, 3-Layer Fringe Boot and Back Zipper Hardsole Boot.  Plus stop by Skunkboy this week and enter to win a pair of Front Lace Knee Hi boots to style this season!

What’s your Minnetonka story?
I’ve had a pair of Minnetonka mocs since I can remember.  My love for these shoes was passed down from my mother, and I have carried on this tradition with my own children.  Once (or twice) a year my girls and I all get matching shoes because… why not?

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?
Candy coated

Whose style inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many people with so many different styles.  People who seem effortless and confident are always the most stylish in my book.

What’s your favorite trend this season?
There are so many lovely, sparkly, glittery things available!  I’m a sucker for any kind of glittery leggings or tights.

My Minnetonka must-have item is _________.
Front Lace Knee High Boots!  They are dreamy!

Store Spotlight: Moose Creek

Moose Creek of Estes Park, Colorado

So many fun fringe styles to choose from!

It's always fun to check out Moose Creek's wide variety of hats, boots and mocs

Randy Martin and Moose Creek's Minnetonka selection displayed over an entire wall in the store!

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Moose Creek 125 Moraine Avenue  Estes Park, CO

Today we are excited to spotlight Moose Creek of Estes Park, Colorado.  Check out our Q&A with owner Randy Martin to learn more about Moose Creek and their Minnetonka story!

What is your Minnetonka story?
We’ve happily carried Minnetonka products in our stores for the past 8 years.  Our business is seasonal, and open from May to October, during our season customers are always excited to stop in and see the variety of Minnetonka styles we offer displayed on an entire wall of our store. Especially during the summer months of July and August, Minnetonka mocs are always a popular selection!

What is the most popular Minnetonka style at Moose Creek?
The most popular Minnetonka style at Moose Creek is definitely the Kilty Moc.  Our customers love that it is available in 10 different colors.  Personally my favorite style is the Moosehide Moc since it lends itself well to the casual lifestyle in Estes.

What are a few fun things to do when visiting Estes Park, Colorado?
Estes Park is an incredible place.  Activities include hiking, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, shopping and a variety of restaurants to choose from.  The world famous Stanley Hotel is also located in Estes Park, where Stephen King wrote The Shining.


Backstage Sundance with Minnetonka

Minnetonka had a front row seat to the beautiful mountains and celeb party scene at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend. Here are some shots from behind the Minnetonka camera in Park City!

The Egyptian Theater during Sundance on Day 1!

Before we got to work we did some shopping on historic Main Street at Minnetonka retailer, Southwest Indian Traders.

And checked out the selection at Park City Clothing Company. It appears that comfy footwear is a must in this ski town!

Celebs and Après Ski (and film) goers got a sneak preview of Minnetonka Spring mocs.


Alicia Keys - up close and personal! The crowd was buzzing when the talented star made her way through the Sky Blue rooftop lounge to meet with MTV News.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza showed mutual appreciation for each other's work as they talked about the latest love story they both star in, "Don Jon's Addiction."


Bret McKenzie, Keri Russell and JJ Feild, stars of "Austenland", shared lots of laughs together. Keri picked out the Kilty moc in Aqua as a parting gift!

After Matthew McConaughey finished his MTV News interview, he showed his soft side and selected Minnetonka mocs and boots for wife Camila Alves and his three kids!

Naomi Watts took a break from motherhood to talk shop about her film "Two Mothers."

"1600 Penn" actor, Bill Pullman, makes a moccasin getaway from the Creative Coalition luncheon with some Minnetonka slippers!