DIY Project: Painted Fringe Booties

Minnetonka DIY: Painted Fringe Booties by HoldenOnBaby

With the sunshine of spring finally here, we love this bright and colorful DIY created by Isobel of HoldenOnBaby for her little one. Since neon is a big trend this season, Isobel decided to add the colorful hue to Holden’s Fringe Booties to create a pair of fun and brightly-colored footwear for spring!  Plus stop by HoldenOnBaby this week and enter to win a pair of Fringe Booties for your little one to sport this spring!



1.  Pick out two paint colors, one color for the fringe and toe stamps and a different color for the laces.

2.  Using a piece of scotch tape, cover the area underneath the fringe so you can easily paint each piece of fringe without worrying about getting paint in other places.

3.  Paint the fringe until you reach the desired color.

4.  Take the hole punch and punch out a star shape in the middle of a piece of tape.

5.  Stick the tape onto the toe of the shoe making sure that all edges are firmly pressed down so that no paint leaks underneath the tape.

6.  Paint inside the shape and let dry before removing the tape.

7.  Repeat step 6 until you have painted stars all over the toe of the shoe.

8.  Lay the moccasin on it’s side and paint the laces a bright color.

9.  And there you have it, bright mocs for spring!

NOTE: Please keep paint out of reach of small children.


Holden ready for spring in his painted Fringe Booties!

Blogger Spotlight: Feathers and Freckles

Megan of Feathers and Freckles ready for spring in her pink Kilty Mocs

A perfect spring look styled with a pair of white Smooth Leather Mocs

Comfy and casual weekend style in a pair of Cally Slippers


Blogger Spotlight:  Megan of Feathers and Freckles

We love stopping by Feathers and Freckles to check out the crafty DIY projects and adorable outfits that Megan styles.  See what inspires Megan in our Q&A and check out the three cute spring looks she styled featuring a few of her favorite Minnetonka products a pair of Cally Slippers, Kilty Mocs and Smooth Leather Mocs.

What’s your Minnetonka story?

My parents bought me my first pair of Minnetonka slippers last Christmas and a day hasn’t passed since then that they haven’t been on my feet for at least a few minutes. They’re the first things I put on when I wake up.

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?


Whose style inspires you?

I’m inspired by confident women who can make inexpensive items look like a million bucks….and Emma Stone, who could wear a colorful garbage bag and get me to buy one.

What’s your favorite trend this season?

As a redhead, I’m happy that emerald green is the color of the year.

What song do you currently have on repeat?

Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ – it’s a guilty pleasure that makes me smile, and it’s a great song to run along with.

What’s your favorite city and why?

San Francisco, which is where I grew up, because I love its down-to-earth vibe. It’s also home to my favorite restaurants, thrift stores, and my best friend.

My Minnetonka must-have item is…the Smooth Leather Moc. Comfy, cute, and versatile!

Blogger Spotlight: Adored Austin

Indiana Adams of Adored Austin in her Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe Boots

Adorably mixing prints to create a perfect weekend look with her Thunderbird Mocs

Chic, cute and casual in a pair of Double Fringe Side Zip Boots

Chris looking dapper in his Minnetonka Chukka Boots

Adorable Jude looking handsome in his pair of Kid's Ankle Hi Tramper boots

Caroline is pretty in pink! Stylishly sporting a bright pink pair of Kid's Double Fringe Side Zip Booties

A family of Minnetonka mocs!


Blogger Spotlight:  Indiana Adams of Adored Austin

We’ve always adored the style of Austin based blogger Indiana Adams and were excited to find out that her husband Chris, son Jude and daughter Caroline each have a favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs.  Check out our Q&A with Indiana and see her adorable (and very stylish) family spending a weekend in their favorite Minnetonka styles!

What’s your Minnetonka story?

A Minnetonka addict since elementary school, I clearly remember wearing white Thunderbirds with everything. Now well into adulthood, I’ve since expanded my Minnetonka collection. True story: I auditioned for Twilight wearing a pair of Minnetonka boots and got two call-backs, which were the biggest auditions of my life. Every time I wear my fringe boots something lucky happens to me.

My Minnetonka love has trickled down to the rest of my family: my son got a pair ages ago and I’ve already picked out two pairs of Minnetonka mocs for my daughter.

Chris has been talking about getting a pair of moccasins for as long as I’ve known him, but because he works a corporate job, he’s not entirely sure traditional moccasins would fit in with his work culture. Luckily Minnetonka has styles (like the Chukka boot!) that give guys like Chris the best of both worlds.

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?

multifarious/hilarious (my style is eclectic, but I always try to wear at least one item that would make a stranger smile)

Whose style inspires you?

I’m mainly inspired by nostalgia. I love things that remind me of my childhood or my grandma. I find a lot of inspiration in old yearbooks and photographs. I’m also an unashamed Pinterest addict, so I find a lot of great bloggers through that and get inspired by what others are putting together.

What song do you currently have on repeat?

I’ve been listening to “Hey Jude” pretty much constantly since Oct. 2010

What’s your favorite city and why?

Perhaps I’m a tad biased, but I think Austin, Texas is one of the best cities in the United States. It’s a city large enough to never be bored in but small enough to run into someone you know every time you go to the grocery store. Plus everyone here has a great sense of bohemian/ rocker style.

My Minnetonka must-have item is… Anything with fringe!

Store Spotlight: Nokomis Shoe Shop

Nokomis Shoe Shop of Minneapolis

Spotted! Spring sandals and mocs

A variety of gifts including Limited Edition Spring Kilty Mocs in aqua and coral

Nokomis Shoe Shop employees Tatum and Marais pick out their favorite Minnetonka styles!

It's raining mocs!


Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Nokomis Shoe Shop  4950 34th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417

Nokomis Shoe Shop is a family-owned business that has been open for almost 75 years. Along with Minnetonka mocs, Nokomis Shoe Shop offers clothing, accessories, gifts & jewelry – definitely something for everyone!

What is your Minnetonka story?
Minnetonka has been a pillar of our business for over 30 years. We began selling Minnetonka mocs in the 1980s, when people would walk in with feathered hair and buy a pair of mocs that matched their acid-washed jeans. We started with the white Kilty Driving moccasins, then added the Moosehide and Thunderbird mocs and now carry the very popular fringe boots and fashion color mocs.  At our store, Minnetonka isn’t a trend, it’s a mainstay.

What are the most popular Minnetonka styles at Nokomis Shoe Shop?
Slippers, slippers, slippers and more slippers! The Cally, the Casey, and the Cassie.

What is your favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs, boots or slippers?
Last season, the girls fell in love with the Kilty Suede Hardsole Mocs in a variety of colors and the fellas wore the classic & comfortable Casey Slipper.

How do you like to style your Minnetonka mocs?
Our casual work atmosphere allows us to wear Minnetonka Moccasins to work, but they’re also great for play. We wear them with skinny jeans or with our favorite Smartwool socks.

What are a few must see destinations when visiting Minneapolis?
Our store is nestled in the Nokomis area of South Minneapolis. We’re minutes from the airport, walking & bike trails, light rail, Minnehaha Falls & Lake Nokomis. We’re located on a bustling corner, across the street from Al Vento restaurant and will soon welcome the Town Hall Brewery to our block.