Blogger Spotlight: A Piece of Toast

Molly from A Piece of Toast is ready for spring in her storm blue Minnetonka Kilty Mocs

Effortlessly chic in a pair of Thunderbird II Mocs

Molly's new Minnetonka must-have, a pair of Tramper Ankle Hi Boots!

Blogger Spotlight:  Molly from A Piece of Toast

This week we’re excited to feature Sally and Molly, the stylish sisters behind A Piece of Toast, one of our favorite lifestyle blogs to visit for a daily dose of style inspiration.  Today find out Molly’s Minnetonka story and check out a few lovely looks she styled for spring. And check back later this week for more Minnetonka style ideas from Sally!

Plus stop by A Piece of Toast today and enter to win your own pair of Minnetonka mocs to style this spring!

What’s your Minnetonka story?

When I was in high school (a sophomore I think) my friend Annie started wearing a pair of Deerskin Soft-T moccasins to school.  Annie had – and still has – really amazing, effortless style and I instantly wanted to copy her.  Because we went to an all-girls Catholic school and we had to wear uniforms every day, one of the few ways to really distinguish yourself was with your shoes.  I asked Annie’s permission to get the same moccasins as her and she pointed me towards the Minnetonka website.  I don’t think I can ever forget how cool I felt wearing the moccasins for the first time.  They were comfortable but so classically cool, too.

I wore my Deerskin Soft-T mocs for years until the soles came detached and I tripped over them and fell on my face (true story) my senior year of college.  After the falling incident my dad decided it was time for me to get a new pair and I sent him the link to the shoes on Minnetonka.  There aren’t a lot of shoes that you can buy and wear for years that still look good and hold up to wear and tear… I have so many memories attached to those deerskin guys and still wear them today!

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?

Comfortable and classic with wanna-be edge.

Whose style inspires you?

Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow are definitely two style icons in my book.  I like that their day-to-day look is all about jeans, comfortable tees, classic sunnies, cool shoes and bags and that they can glam it up when they need to.  You see a street style photo of one of them and you don’t know if it’s recent or from years ago – that their style has evolved but not changed is what inspires me most.

I find inspiration for dressing myself from street style photography and fashion bloggers. There are a few bloggers whose style really aligns with my own and I try to copy-cat. Pinterest was such a game-changer for finding wardrobe inspiration and discovering new bloggers for me.  After months of pinning you start to get an idea of what your aesthetic is, just by looking at the overall picture of what you pin.  I love that.

What’s your favorite trend this season?

Black and white.  It’s a trend that’s not trendy!  One I can totally get behind investing in.  I also like the use of tech materials like neoprene (for clothes) and plastics (for accessories) – I don’t know if I could pull off the look but it sure is fun to look at!

What song do you currently have on repeat?

“Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker.  The original by Old Crow Medicine Show was the theme song to my college years and it brings back the most incredible memories. Darius’ single feels so right for this time of year – a song you want to play on the weekends with the windows rolled down, you know?

What’s your favorite city and why?

This question makes me realized how much traveling I need to do!  I love Austin, Texas.  It’s just three-hour car drive from Dallas and it feels like you’ve gone outside the state when you visit… It’s so eclectic – in terms of the people, shopping, restaurants, and lifestyle – and there’s a rich music and nightlife scene that’s unreal.  Unlike a lot of other cities in Texas, Austin has so much to do outside of shopping, drinking, and eating.  Lots of outdoor activities… And that includes music festivals SXSW and ACL!

My Minnetonka must-have item is… I love my Deerskin Soft-T mocs but I think my new must-have item is the Tramper Ankle Hi boot.  It’s such a year-round shoe and I’ve worn mine with everything from jeans and leggings to skirts and dresses.  I like to leave my laces undone for an un-fussy look.



Store Spotlight: Holly Woodworking

William and Andrea Hollister of Holly Woodworking

William & Andrea's adorable daughters in their favorite Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe Boots!

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Holly Woodworking 3286 State Route 28, Old Forge NY

Meet William and Andrea Hollister owners of Holly Woodworking located in Old Forge, New York!

What is your Minnetonka story?
Holly Woodworking has been carrying Minnetonka Moccasins for over 50 years. We are known to all as “The Minnetonka Moccasin Center of the North.” Many families who visit our store tell us that a visit to the Old Forge area is not complete without visiting Holly Woodworking and heading home with a new pair of mocs. Each year we outfit three generations of families in Minnetonka mocs!

What is the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?
The number one style in our store is the Cally Slipper, with the Kilty Suede Moc in brown following a close second in popularity.

What is your favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs, boots or slippers?
William’s favorite moc is the Camp Moc.  He enjoys the comfort, support and style. He also loves to wear his Buffalo Nickel Hat every day.

Andrea absolutely loves her Minnetonka sandals and has many different styles and colors. And after a long day of working in the store she heads home to put on her favorite pair of Ultimate Sheepskin Slippers.

How do you like to style your Minnetonka mocs or boots?  
With such a large variety that Minnetonka offers you can always find the perfect pair for any outfit or occasion!

What are a few must see destinations when visiting the Old Forge area?       Old Forge is located in the Adirondack Mountains, and is a popular summer destination for families. Many of our visiting guests come to enjoy hiking, boating, camping, fishing or a ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad And of course no visit to Old Forge is complete without going to Water Safari, New York’s Largest Water Theme Park. 

Coachella Street Style

Coachella, the annual music and arts festival held in Indio California, definitely lived up to its fashionable reputation this year as a stylish kick off to the summer music festival season!

Check out a few of our favorite boho chic looks spotted at Coachella that are sure to inspire your music fest style this summer!

Going to a festival this summer? Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @MinnetonkaMocc #minnetonkamusicfest and show us your music fest look styled with your favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs!

Peace, Love & Coachella! Featuring a few of our favorite music fest trends- fringe, colorful prints and a pair of Minnetonka Hi Top Back Zip Boots! Credit: Refinery29

Model Riley Keough spotted in her Full Leopard Mocs at the Viceroy Pool Party at Coachella Credit: Just Jared

Boho chic in a pair of Minnetonka x Wren Thunderbird Mocs taken by @wrenstudio on Instagram. Follow the fun and check out #minnetonkaxwren

Festival glam in a pair of 3-Layer Fringe Boots Credit: Elle UK


Classic Minnetonka style spotted at Coachella in a pair of Classic Fringe Boots!

Festival ready in a pair of Minnetonka Double Fringe Side Zip Boots




My Minnetonka Story: Leah Wise

Leah in her Minnetonka Thunderbird Mocs!

Leah wearing her first pair of Minnetonka boots celebrating Thanksgiving with friends!


My Minnetonka Story: Leah Wise

What was your first pair of Minnetonka mocs?

My first pair of Minnetonka moccasins were actually my mother’s childhood shoes, given to her by her father as a gift. She wore them all through high school and even out wedding dress shopping. I loved them from the moment I saw them and stored them under my bed for years just to take them out and look at them on occasion (they were too big for me). They symbolized my mother’s childhood and early adulthood in the 70s, so they’ve remained very special to me.

Where were your first pair of Minnetonka mocs purchased?

I’d been eyeing Minnetonka mocs for years at every western store and leather shop, but my first pair were the Two Button boots; they were a Christmas gift from my parents in 2008, continuing the tradition started by my grandpa. Since then, I’ve purchased two more pair.

What is your favorite memory involving your Minnetonka moccasins?

I wore my mocs on my first Thanksgiving spent away from family. It could have been a sad event, but I spent it with friends and my husband; we struggled through all the dishes without our family’s aid and succeeded!

How far have you and your Minnetonka mocs traveled?

I’ve been all over Florida in them, but the farthest they’ve traveled is from Florida, where I lived for 12 years, to Charlottesville, VA, the first place I moved to after college and getting married. Charlottesville has been a place of self discovery and many new cultural and historical experiences for me, and my various pairs of moccasins have traveled with me through town on a weekly basis.

Describe your Minnetonka style.

I tend to prefer a vintage/preppy vibe in the way I dress. I wear Minnetonka mocs with anything from jeans and a simple t-shirt to floral dresses. They work all year round!

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