Store Spotlight: Lorin

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Lorin 1354 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Today meet the Lorin team including owner Zeke, general manager and buyer Hamzi and assistant manager Vanessa.

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Lorin has carried a variety of Minnetonka mocs, boots and slippers for the past seven years. Currently the most popular Minnetonka style in our store are the Kilty mocs.  Customers love the wide assortment of colors along with how they can be styled so many different ways.

What’s your favorite pair and how do you like to style them?
A staff favorite are the Hi Top Back Zip boots.  This versatile boot can be worn all year long and styled with just about anything – skirts, shorts and jeans!

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
Our store is in a great location. We are two blocks from the Santa Monica beach and pier, with the famous ferris wheel and a variety of other rides.

Venice Beach is only one mile south and Malibu is only a few miles north.  A few great restaurants near our store are Boa Steak House and Trastevere with wonderful Italian food.


The Month of Meaning

Last fall, Minnetonka dedicated one week to raising money to build a new school room in partnership with Free the Children in Marialapa, Haiti.  This fall they broke ground to begin building the school room that will help Free The Children provide quality education and a conducive learning environment to the growing number of students in Marialapa.

Inspired by the acts of good we see young people and adults alike doing every day, we are dedicating the entire month of November to raising money in support of this community and their needs. There are two ways to get involved in this effort!

1.  1 Purchase = $1. For every purchase made on during the Month of Meaning (November), we will donate $1 to the Marialapa community.

2.  1 Photo = $1. Share your acts of good! We will donate $1 to the Marialapa community for every photo you share showing how you are making a difference in the community. Click here for more details.



All of the funds raised this month will be put towards building a rain catchment system in Marialapa. This is a very dry region which has experienced significant deforestation and the water table is very low. Through the work of Free the Children, we can exploit one of Haiti’s greatest national resources – rain – through rainwater harvesting to serve the school community.

Free the Children will install eaves on all the roof surfaces and construct a reservoir to capture rain during the rainy season. The new rain catchment system will be sufficient to provide clean water to the entire school community.


Our own factory is located in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. When the January 12, 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, the devastation that followed was very close to home. Two hundred thousand people were feared to be dead and millions were left homeless. Haitians have shown resilience in the face of grinding poverty and natural disasters. We were able to help in the earthquake recovery and continue to seek out ways to improve this community.


Adopt a Village is Free The Children’s holistic and sustainable development model designed to empower communities, break the cycle of poverty and remove barriers to education. This model has five core pillars: Education, Water & Sanitation, Health, Alternative Income & Livelihood, and Agriculture & Food Security. Each pillar serves to enhance the others, ensuring the greatest overall impact in each area of intervention and achieving long-term sustainability.


One Style, Two Ways: Mesa Boot & Moosehide Driving Moc

One Style, Two Ways: Mesa Boot & Moosehide Driving Moc
Robert & Christina from New Darlings and Chelsea & Scott from Tea Talk

Mesa style bloggers and good friends Christina, Robert, Scott and Chelsea set out on the perfect double date with autumn on the mind and matching Minnetonka on their feet.

While on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin both couples kept comfy and casual on a crisp fall day in cozy knit sweaters, favorite flannels and dark denim.

Each Minnetonka moc can be worn a million different ways. Show us how you style your favorite pair for the chance to win!  Enter our #MyMinnetonka contest now.

Photography by Kandis Marino

#MyMinnetonka How-To

Earlier this month a group of Minneapolis Instagrammers convened in their mocs at a local park to creatively snap and celebrate their #MyMinnetonka style.

At the InstaMeet we asked photographer Rita Farmer (@mamacita.rita) to give us a few tips on how to take the perfect #MyMinnetonka snapshot along with some other Insta-ideas to inspire your feed. 

Chase Light: It’s no secret that Golden Hour (the hour before the sun goes down) is dreamy for shooting just about anything. The long shadows, lens flare, and warm tones create a wonderful mood.

Photo by: @tanrr #ChasingLight #GoldenHour

Look Down: Taking a picture of your feet provides an interesting perspective. Play with height and visually interesting surroundings.

Photo by: @orbeq #FromWhereIStand #SuchGreatHeights

Edit: Whether you’re using Instagram’s filters or editing with another app, choose presets that enhance the natural light and tones without making it look over-done. Some of my personal favorites are VSCOcam’s F2/Mellow and C1/Vibrant. With C1, I typically use the preset at about 60-70% strength and increase the fade slightly.

Photo by: @mamacita.rita Shot with iPhone 5S, Processed with #VSCOcam F2 preset #AFewOfMyFavoriteThings

Finally, use hashtags for inspiration! The ones listed under each of the photos above are just a few that go perfectly with #MyMinnetonka snapshots.

Check out more photos from the InstaMeet at #MinnetonkaMeet_Fall2014 and be sure to Instagram your #MyMinnetonka style for the chance to win a $250 gift card and a new pair of mocs!