Store Spotlight: DNA Footwear

Minnetonka Store Spotlight: DNA Footwear 273 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 1001

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Keeping up to date with the current trends and fashion in New York City isn’t always easy. The good news is that with six locations in some of Brooklyn’s stylish neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint, DNA Footwear always has the newest trends hot off the press.

This spring we opened our first Manhattan store, located on the corner of Prince St. and Lafayette St., in the center of the Soho shopping district. This new vintage-inspired space takes the rustic feeling of Brooklyn and combines it with the trend setting styles of Manhattan, just like our favorite pairs of Minnetonka mocs!  Their combination of classic style, hipster-chic and casual fashion are some of our favorite characteristics of the Minnetonka brand.

What’s the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?

The most popular styles in our Soho store would be the Monte Carlo Low Wedge Sandal followed by the Kilty Suede Moccasin. People love styling the sandals with summer casual clothes and the Kilty mocs work all year long. They’re a New York closet staple!

What’s your favorite pair and how do you like to style your mocs?
This question sparked a heated discussion in our Soho Store! For our store employees, the decision was split evenly between the Kilty moc and the El Paso style.

For styling the brand, we are partial to styling Minnetonka moccasins with casual fashion choices. The shoes go perfectly with a pair skinny jeans and chunky sweater, or simple top and cardigan. Even with this more casual relaxed look, focused on comfort, New York City style still takes center stage in all our outfits.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
Since our Soho store is located right in downtown Manhattan, it’s hard to do anything else than try out all the amazing restaurants on every block!

Mac Bar, right around the corner, is a great place to pick up some delicious gourmet mac and cheese. They have great flavors to choose from, including lobster mac and duck mac and cheese! If you’re looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee check out Le Colombe. It’s right across the street from our store and we pop over all the time. Really anywhere you turn in this neighborhood you’re guaranteed to find something delicious to enjoy!

DIY Spotlight: Embroidered Mocs

We can’t wait to try this adorable DIY Tammie from Dear Whimsy created using her favorite pair of Kilty Mocs.

Check out the tutorial below on how to colorfully embroider your favorite pair of moccasins and be sure to visit Tammie on Instagram for more design and DIY inspiration!


Embroidery yarn

 - Black
 - Coral pink
 - White
 - Mustard yellow

Sharp Stitching needles
Chalk pencil
Turquoise beads

Step 1: Draw your design using a chalk pencil. Use it lightly just incase you make a mistake.  If you happen to make a mistake, have a soft toothbrush nearby and brush lightly to remove the marks. I started my design with triangles one inch apart.

Step 2: After I was done drawing out my design, I used a thumbtack to prepare holes for my needle so it’s easier to sew.

Tip: I like to lightly coat the tips of my yarn with glue stick to keep it from fraying. To be honest with you, I chose this simple design because this is my first time trying embroidery! Let’s just say YouTube was very helpful.

My YouTube searches included: “how to thread an embroidery needle” & “how to make frenchknots.” It’s very easy, I promise, just pretend your needle is your pen.

Threading an embroidery needle is little different than threading a regular needle. Instead of doubling the yarn you leave a short tail and a long tail, tying a knot at the end of the long tail.

Step 3: Trace out your triangles. Once you finish one, you move on to the next one until you have completed all four.  Then make a small knot inside to finish it off.

Step 4: Since the triangles are one inch apart, make a line at the half inch point using your white yarn. Just like the previous step, once you finish one, move on to the next until you’re done with all four and make a small knot inside.

Step 5: In between that line you’re going to make a upside down “V” to make an arrow using your mustard yellow yarn.

Step 6: This is where I had to YouTube “How to Make a French Knot” it’s easy, don’t worry. If you’re unsure, get yourself an embroidery hoop and practice. I loved making them, it’s such a cute little detail.

Step 7: BEADS! Okay, this might be a little tricky. When I was at this step I realized my bead didn’t fit through the “eye” of my needle SO, this is where coating the tip of my yarn with glue stick came in handy. I removed the needle, threaded the yarn through the bead and then I threaded the needle again to sew them to the shoe.

Tah-dah! It might look a little crazy from the inside but in this case it’s what’s outside that counts.  I hope you enjoy this DIY!


Everyday Adventure: Delightfully Tacky

From venturing out on a brave cross-country road trip in her RV to being an avid rock climber and yogi, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is definitely an adventurer at heart.

Today we follow Elizabeth on a recent weekend camping trip she took with friends in the Pacific Northwest.

Check out our Q&A with Elizabeth below to learn more about what makes for the perfect camping trip and how she is celebrating #EverydayAdventure this summer!

What’s your secret to planning the perfect summer camping trip?
Making sure all your friends are there!  Camping is always more fun with friends to make memories with.

What are your camping essentials?
Lots of food, a guitar for singing camp songs, s’more ingredients, enough wood to keep the campfire burning long into the night.

Favorite part of camping in the Pacific Northwest.
There are just so many great places to camp.  You can go for an overnight backpacking camping trip, or just a car camping trip, you can camp on the beach or on the top of a mountain.  So many different places to explore!

What’s been your favorite camping trip that you’ve taken so far?
We camped with friends this summer and even though it didn’t turn out exactly how we’d planned, it was a blast.

We were right on the river and even got treated to a 30 minute fireworks show from a cabin across the river after the sun went down, so random! The next day we went on a hike up to a little summit before heading home. So beautiful!

What other adventures are you planning for this upcoming year?
We want to do another similar camping trip with a bunch of friends, after we all packed our cars up to go home everyone agreed that we needed to do it again before the summer ended!  Dan and I also want to go on an overnight backpacking trip.  We finally got all our backpacking gear together so we need to break it in before the summer is over!

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Photos by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky

Product Featured: Thunderbird Boat Sole Mocs & Mukluk Hi Boots

Store Spotlight: Southern Exposure

Minnetonka Store Spotlight: Southern Exposure
27 Coogan Blvd. Mystic, CT 06355
264 Main St. Old Saybrook, CT 06475

After years of traveling through the Southwest exploring their interest in Native American art and culture, Lu and Les Lupovich left their professional careers and opened their first Southern Exposure store in Mystic, Connecticut in 1994. In 2005, a second Southern Exposure store opened in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Over the years Southern Exposure has expanded its offerings to include home furnishings, clothing, cowboy boots and footwear, along with many one of a kind handmade items.  Learn more about Southern Exposure today in our Q&A.

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Minnetonka was added to our product mix in 2001. Shortly thereafter, we hung a Minnetonka neon sign in one of our front windows and people responded immediately – we’ve never looked back!

Our selection of moccasins and slippers are always popular, and when we added Minnetonka sandals to the store our customers were extremely excited. We keep an ever increasing list of customer phone numbers who ask to be called as soon as the new collection of sandals arrive each year.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
At our Mystic store we get travelers from all over the world due to Mystic’s colonial and whaling history. Mystic is home to the largest Seaport Museum and Aquarium on the Eastern Seaboard. Along with many local clientele, we do our best in our Mystic store to present a mix of merchandise that appeals to many personalities.

In our Old Saybrook store, which is located 30 miles south along the shoreline, we serve a more local clientele year round but our store always becomes busier in the summertime with returning cottage owners and renters.

Everyday Adventure: New Darlings

From backyard bonfires to cross-country road trips – this is the summer for adventure! Today we kick off our Everyday Adventure series with Christina and Robert of New Darlings.

Adventurers at heart, Christina and Robert packed a summer picnic and ventured to South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, (in their mocs, of course!) to spend a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful landscape surrounding them.

Check out our Q&A with them below to learn more about how they are celebrating #EverydayAdventure this summer!

Everyday Adventure: Summer Picnic with Robert & Christina of New Darlings

Favorite way to spend a summer afternoon.
Summers in Phoenix are hot.  There is no way around that.  We’ve definitely become “morning people”.  We have found that it’s best to head out early, find a trail to hike, and welcome the summer sun.  We’d rather be outside, then cooped up somewhere. Afterwards, we’ll try to find some shade and have an early lunch.  We love getting out and being able to just talk and enjoy the blue skies that never get old here in Arizona.

What makes for a perfect summer picnic?
Picnics are a great way to spend a summer afternoon with the one you love.  When we both have the day off, we love to load up our picnic basket with our favorite blanket, some sandwiches, fruit and a refreshing drink or two. Don’t forget to bring your instrument of choice and your favorite hat & pair of sunnies to keep the sun out of your eyes!

Favorite part of living in the Southwest.
The sunshine and low humidity are some pretty great perks of living in the Southwest! But aside from the weather, we really love how this area isn’t fully established yet.  The local art and music scenes are still evolving and we love that we can be a part of it!

What other adventures are you planning this year?
We’re hoping that within the next few months, we can carve out some time to take a long trip to California and explore a bit.  We have a lot of fun projects coming up this year.  We have been blessed to work with so many amazing companies and talented people, and can’t wait to share everything we have cooked up!

Share your #EverydayAdventure @MinnetonkaMocc on Instagram all summer for the chance to win fun outdoor gear (and mocs!) for your next adventure!

Photos by Jaci Marie Smith

Product Featured: Thunderbird II Mocs & Moosehide Double Bottom Softsoles