Blogger Spotlight: A Piece of Toast

Sally from A Piece of Toast in her champagne Deerskin Soft T Mocs

Spring chic in a pair of Tramper Ankle Hi Boots

Classic Minnetonka style in a pair of 3-Layer Fringe Boots

Blogger Spotlight:  Sally from A Piece of Toast

We adore the style of sisters and bloggers, Molly and Sally from A Piece of Toast and love these three looks Sally styled for spring!

If you haven’t yet, visit A Piece of Toast today to enter their Minnetonka giveaway for the chance to win a pair of Thunderbird II or Deerskin Soft T Mocs!

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Not too far off from Molly’s story, her friend Annie started sporting the Deerskin Soft T Mocs to high school and we both became instantly obsessed.  Annie is a good friend of both of ours, despite her being in Molly’s grade.  She has always been a trendsetter and has a way of dressing that is both classic and cool.  Annie introduced us to many stylish things in high school, and Minnetonka was one of them.

I have gone through at least three pairs of moccasins since my very first pair in high school and will never stop replacing them.  It’s a tried and true shoe that I can wear year round and know I will always be comfortable in.

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?
Classic, yet feminine

Whose style inspires you?
I find my inspiration through browsing style images on Pinterest and through visiting some of my favorite blogs.  Whether its a new way to braid my hair, a pair of sunglasses, or colored denim – I am constantly inspired by the stylish people on Pinterest and blogs.

As far as celebrities, I will always consider Gwyneth Paltrow to be my style icon.  She manages to dress casual and not overdone, yet still looks great every single time.  She just seems to be so relatable in the fact that she doesn’t look like she’s spent hours getting ready every morning.  Because who actually does that anyway?!

What’s your favorite trend this season?
I am obsessed with jackets and blazers of all kind right now. Don’t know if that’s necessarily a “trend” this season, but its one of those things that I can’t seem to get enough of.  They are so practical and can be worn with everything from shorts, to jeans, to dresses and skirts.  Our Texas weather can be crazy and across the board so often times I leave the house in a jacket that I eventually end up shedding as the day goes on and the temperatures go up!  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough good looking jackets in your closet.

What song do you currently have on repeat?
Dave Matthews “Celebrate We Will.”  I am a huge Dave fan and kind of get the chills every time anything of his comes on the radio.

What’s your favorite city and why?
Seaside, Florida.  We grew up going to the candy-colored beach town in the panhandle of Florida as children, and now my boyfriend and I go together each year.  There is something magical about that place and it draws me in each and every time we visit.  The carefree and happy lifestyle of Seaside is truly unlike any other.

My Minnetonka must-have item is… Gosh, this is a tough one.  Probably my Tramper Ankle Hi Boots.  I just love how versatile they are and how they can instantly change an outfit. They can dress down a dress or skirt and look just as good thrown on with leggings and a sweatshirt for running around town on the weekend.  The comfort level is top notch, too.  They are one of those shoes that I wish I owned in every color because I really do wear them that much. Lately, with our cooler Dallas weather, I have been pairing them with white jeans.  My boyfriend told me that he didn’t realize they were “year round shoes”.  Yes, yes indeed they are.

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  2. Very happy I found Blogger Spotlight. It made me aware of how Minnetonka Moccasins are so universal. The clothes pictured were a style everyone can wear.

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