Blogger Spotlight: Sincerely, Kinsey

Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey in her Minnetonka must-have a pair of 5-Layer Fringe Boots

El Paso Moc style

Minnetonka El Paso Mocs

Lovely free-spirited style in a pair of Front Lace Knee Hi Boots

Minnetonka Front Lace Knee Hi Boots


Blogger Spotlight:  Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey

Meet Kinsey the blogger behind Sincerely, Kinsey one of our favorite blogs to visit for DIY and style inspiration.  Find out what inspires Kinsey’s style in our Q&A and check out how she styled a few of her favorite Minnetonka products including the Front Lace Knee Hi Boot, El Paso Mocs and 5-Layer Fringe Boot.  Stop by Sincerely, Kinsey this week and enter to win a pair of Minnetonka boots or mocs! 

What’s your Minnetonka story?
I remember when I first saw Minnetonka boots in the mall when I was in high school and instantly fell in love with the colors, feel, and quality. From then on out, I’ve been obsessing over every pair of Minnetonka boots ever since!

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?
free-spirited + bohemian.

Whose style inspires you? Where do you find your inspiration?
I think my greatest source of inspiration are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Even if it’s not my style, I’m always encouraged and inspired by people who aren’t afraid to be and express who they really are through fashion.

What’s your favorite trend this season?
I’m currently loving maxi skirts, studded denim, and all things gold. During the really cold days I’ve been wearing lots of bulky sweaters, tights, and ankle boots.

My Minnetonka must-have item is _________.
My  Minnetonka must have item is a pair of 5-layer fringe boots! They are just too beautiful to pass up.

5 comments on “Blogger Spotlight: Sincerely, Kinsey

  1. I’m absolutely in love with the Front Lace Knee Hi boots! Although I’ve never owned a pair of Minnetonka Moccasin’s, I’ve coveted each pair I’ve laid eyes on. Not only can you feel the quality, but I can tell they’re just plain comfortable. The fact that they look dope just adds to the amazingness. I am a big follower of Sincerely, Kinsey and literally squealed with joy when I saw the giveaway.
    If I win, there’s a good chance that I’ll wear the boots on a daily basis. There’s a pair of leggings and a slouchy Aztec sweater in my closet just waiting to be paired with some Minnetonkas. Then again, I have an a-line maxi dress that would be pretty jealous if it couldn’t be seen without some of that glorious brown leather.
    I’ve taken the liberty of ‘liking’ the Minnetonka Facebook page, per Kinsey’s advice for an extra entry. If I do win, I promise to brag to everyone in my yoga class about how awesome Minnetonka and Sincerely, Kinsey are.

    :) Breann

  2. I love the 5-layer fringe boots. They are so beautiful, and I know they would last a long time. I would probably wear them most often with black skinny jeans and some sort of over-sized sweater/button-down situation. And I most likely would have my hair up in a top knot.

    I liked the facebook page, and I just would love to win soooooooooooo much!

  3. I love the Minnetonka Front Lace Knee Hi Boots. I would wear them with everything – leggings, jeans, dresses, maxi skirts, mini skirts, etc. What I love about these boots is how wearable they are, so if I won I would wear them everyday. If I had to style them only one way, I’d probably wear them with a pair of jeans and a handknit sweater. Facebook page has been liked!

  4. I’m in love with the Minnetonka Front Lace Knee Hi Boots! I would wear them with skinny jeans, or leggings and a dress. Love, love love them!

  5. Im in love of 5-Layer Fringe Boots maybe for some years ago. I’ve never got a pair of Minnetonka’s boots cause it’s difficult for me to got a pair of them (cause in Mexico are not in sale :-( ) I’d like to wear a Minnetonka’s boots with a vintage brown dress, laced heart tights and a black cardigan (with hearts in the elbow). Minnetonka’s boots matched exactly with my style and my tastes, they look so comfortable I couldn’t take off of my feet for some weeks!!! :-D I’d like to win cause I’m a biggest fan of Sincerely, Kinsey and her own defined style and she gaves me a lot of ideas to wear everyday Minnetonka’s boots with many different outfits to fitting with my own style…I really love them too much.. I want them so bad!! I’m in love of them!!!

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