My Minnetonka Story | The Christmas Family

Each pair has a story to tell.  Every day we hear from fans around the world sharing their moccasin memories with us. Our on-going ‘My Minnetonka Story’ series spotlights the distinct individual style and sentiments behind each well worn pair.


In collaboration with I AM Fabulous! we are excited to celebrate the generational style and stories of four families in their Minnetonka moccasins.

Today meet the Christmas family. Ellen and her daughters Jamie and Dana, each received their first pair of moccasins at a very young age.  Find out how they describe their evolving style throughout the years and how they’ve taken their favorite pair of mocs along for the ride.

IMG_9215Ellen remembers her first pair…

My first pair of Minnetonka moccasins were purchased at a small general store in Eagle River, Wisconsin in the early 1960s while on a family ski trip.  As part of the visit my sisters and I, at that time ages 6, 9 and 11, were each allowed to pick out one pair.

The pair I chose were a classic moccasin style that I still have and cherished to this day.  Being the youngest sister of three girls, I later inherited my older sister’s pair as well.  Whenever I wore them back then, and even now, I’m reminded of those wonderful family trips up North, crisp winter days and sitting by the warmth of the fireplace at the lodge.


Dana on style inspirations…

My style is greatly inspired by fashions of the sixties and seventies.  What I see on re-runs of Soul Train can be indicative of my “look” some days of the week! I like to layer retro collared shirts with sweaters and a pair of high waisted bell bottoms or go for the minimalist androgynous stylings of Patty Smith. My sunglasses are most always round and my hair is most always messy.


Jamie on personal style…

I have always loved casual and comfortable style.  Cuddly old sweaters, jeans for sure, flannel shirts to sleep in, outdoorsy stuff – boots and a great jacket. Growing up I was always influenced by the styles of the sixties and its stayed with me as my style has evolved today.

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Photography by Nicole Feest of Nylonsaddle 

Styling by Sam Perry

Hair and makeup by Lisa Wood

Assistant producer Carissa Glarner 

Minnetonka x Siwy Fashion Show

Last weekend Minnetonka took to the Indio desert for the first weekend of Coachella. Weekend festivities kicked off Friday night at the Pandora Fashion Experience featuring a fashion show of Siwy Denim designs paired with Minnetonka summer must-haves.

Minnetonka X Siwy

Celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas sat front row to enjoy the latest in denim + fringe fashions. Front row guests included actresses Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice with an after party DJ’d by Chelsea Leyland.

Love the denim + suede pairings as much as we do?  Find out how you can enter to win a custom pair of Minnetonka x Siwy boots or sandals to wear this summer.

Minnetonka X Siwy

Style blogger Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge

Minnetonka X Siwy

Style Bloggers Reinaldo Irizarry of Reyalfashion, Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes and Elaine Daneshrad of FashionLaine

Minnetonka X Siwy

Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge and Courtney Trop of Always Judging

Minnetonka X Siwy

Actresses Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice

Minnetonka X Siwy

Featuring the Maui Sandal


Minnetonka X Siwy

Featuring the Isabel Wedge


Minnetonka X Siwy

Featuring the Isabel Wedge in dusty brown


Minnetonka X Siwy

DJ Chelsea Leyland

Minnetonka X Siwy

Featuring the Liberty Sandal in navy


Minnetonka X Siwy


Featuring the Classic Fringe Softsole



Featuring the Classic Fringe Softsole



Featuring the Isabel Wedge



Featuring the Isabel Wedge



Featuring the Liberty Sandal in brown


Festival Fringe

Festival Fringe

Coachella! The official start of the festival season with two weekends dedicated to the best in music, art and of course festival fashion. To help you get Coachella-ready, we’re sharing our three must-haves to pack for this fashion-forward festival.


Festival Fringe

It goes without saying that we’re all about the fringe. Complement your festival style by adding a layer of this season’s must-wear trend with a fringed top, skirt or purse. Better yet, go full fringe with a pair of 3 Layer Fringe Boots.

Flat Sandals

A go-to flat is a must-have for all day dancing in the desert sun.  Two of our new sandal styles Gypsy and Antigua are comfortable enough for a full day and night of wandering the festival grounds, but stylish enough for you to put your best foot forward amidst this year’s festival-goers.

That ‘70s Style

This year’s ode to ‘70s fashion is our favorite kind of #tbt. Runways were all about it this spring, and we can’t wait to see it make its way to the festival grounds. Bring on the boho with one of the classics, our walkable, wearable Front Lace Knee Hi Fringe Boots.

Check out more of our favorite festival fringe styles here.  And be sure to share your #FestivalFringe with us on Instagram this summer!

Well Worn | Lottie Anderson

A single Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways.  In our Well Worn series we spotlight unique individuals who seek to stand apart not only in what they wear but what they do.


Lottie Anderson | Blogger and Art Director 

Lottie Anderson is many things — a taste maker, blogger and art director. But as she fluidly moves from one role to the next, one thing stays steady — a passion for creativity and adventure. We took a moment with her to chat about life, style and her latest inspirations as spring begins to take hold. 



Upon staring into my closet you may just for a second think you’ve fallen into a black hole, it is a fairly colorless void but that certainly doesn’t make it boring. I’m always inspired by the timeless elements of design and the colors and textures that occur in nature. I think wearing black keeps me from being distracted by the subtleties in the world.

Another reason I keep my wardrobe simple is because of my hair. I’ve really had no problems thus far getting taken seriously in the job market and I think it’s a combination of party of the top business on the bottom. Having that pinch of crazy (with my blue hair) really opens doors because people automatically assume you’re creative, it’s like my unofficial calling card.


I think fashion shows more of who you are than you actually realize, sometimes not just in what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. You can always flourish in something original and beautiful that’s vintage or handmade. I don’t expect many people to follow my aesthetic of simplicity but it really is quite liberating living outside the expectations of keeping up with all the newest trends.


Topping the list of my favorite things right now is the fact that I can start tapping into my shoe collection and not just wear boots constantly! Shoutout to spring!


I’m itching for something new. I’m in love with Minneapolis and my childhood home in Wisconsin but I’ve always known I have a deep love for the west and hopefully will be able to move out there in the not too distant future. I’m also looking to knuckle down with the blog with more collaborative efforts and deeper insights to come!

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On Trend | Sea Mist Kilty


Psst … We’re letting you in on a little secret. There’s a new shade of shoe in town that’s so distinct, it won its very own exclusive spot in our Minnetonka market (the online version, that is).

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On Trend: Sea Mist Kilty

These Sea Mist mocs are so special, you’ll only find them online. (Shouldn’t e-commerce equal exclusive?) They’re the latest and greatest addition to a collection you already love. Pick up a pair to brighten up your own spring collection!