Well Worn | I AM Kindness

A single Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways.  In our Well Worn series we spotlight unique individuals who seek to stand apart not only in what they wear but what they do.


Inspired to remind her community that there are simple, small ways to be kind every single day, Sarah Edwards set out to create a “no-strings-attached” way of volunteering. From that simple idea came the creation of I AM Kindness.  The mission?  To promote good will by creatively inspiring and surprising people with small acts of kindness.

Recently Minnetonka was invited by Sarah Edwards and Carrissa Glarner to take part in an upcoming art gallery show. The concept of the show is simple: make art available to everyone not simply by the price tag, but instead by each individual’s commitment to perform one act of kindness in their community. Those acts of kindness can earn them a one-of-a-kind piece of art with a unique story and reminder behind it.


This Saturday, February 21 at the Burnet Art Gallery in Minneapolis, Sarah and Carrissa will host the first I AM KXNDNESS art show.  Inspired by the talented pool of artists around them, they set out to not only celebrate great art but also to connect the artists’ work to something they truly care about.  And at the same time bring awareness to all the great nonprofits and organizations available in their community.

Since starting I AM Kindness Sarah said she has “finally learned the meaning of really feeling alive when you are thinking outside of yourself.” Along with meeting so many great friends and collaborators, Sarah said her heart has been made completely full since beginning I AM Kindness. At a past event where they provided glamorous makeovers at a senior center, being able to pamper senior citizens while listening to their stories had a huge impact on her.

Well Worn | I AM Kindness


Since working with Sarah, Carrissa has learned that nothing is impossible.  “If you can dream it, and you believe in it, you can do it. There are already so many phenomenal people in this world giving their time and resources to many different organizations. But in every act, it’s important to remember the basics of where our concept came from. The small acts are just as important as the grand gestures.”


Besides inspiring others with the love and kindness they are spreading, Carrissa says people inspire her every day. “Whether it’s people I know or don’t know and just see/hear, I like to acknowledge my surroundings and pay attention because I think the world is full of opportunities for us all to make genuine connections.” 


What’s next for I AM Kindness? The organization is growing and working on a few exciting upcoming events. At the end of April, I AM Kindness is planning to host a generational fashion show at Varsity Theatre and screening of the documentary Advanced Style. It is going to be a fun day filled with fashion, brunch, mimosas, and celebrating beauty at all ages.

For ideas on how you can commit to inspiring kindness in your community visit our #InspireEveryStep campaign on Instagram.

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On Trend | Heartfelt Style

Minnetonka Cally

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all about staying in, cozying up, and loving the one you’re with. (Even if that means a rom-com and your own personal box of chocolates.) We know your sense of adventure has brought you to the ends of the earth and back. A little recharge at home to show some love to your soul, or your soulmate, is just what cupid has in store.

Minnetonka Cally Slipper

This year say, “Will you be mine?” to the Cally, our softest slipper yet. It’s a moc at heart, with signature suede and distinctive leather detailing. But the warm & cozy pile-lined interior will feel like a personal pillow for your feet. Available in all shades of suede, we suggest Hot Pink, Cherry Red, or Chocolate Brown to commemorate the day dedicated to love.

Minnetonka Cally

So here’s an updated version to the classic saying for all you wild hearts that can’t be broken: Slippers are red, or sometimes blue, wishing a happy Valentine’s Day, from us to you.

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One Style, Two Ways | 5 Layer Fringe Boot

One Style, Two Ways |  5 Layer Fringe Boot
Laura from The Band Wife and Sarah from That’s What SHE Said

A single Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways. We asked Sarah and Laura, two bloggers with awesome personal style, to take our classic 5 layer fringe boot and style it two different ways.  See how they each added their signature style to create two effortlessly chic looks below.

My inspiration for styling my 5 Layer Fringe Boots came from a mixture of wanting to look cute and needing to stay warm. I wear them out in the snow and am constantly stopped by strangers needing to know where I got my boots, whether I’m wearing them with a dress and motorcycle jacket or jeans and a sweater. They’re a style win/win. Sarah, That’s What SHE Said

For me, winter is all about trying to be warm and comfortable while still looking stylish—what could be more perfect than comfy suede boots and a furry vest?! Laura, The Band Wife

Each Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways. Share your #MyMinnetonka style on Instagram!

Well Worn | Natalie Off Duty

A single Minnetonka style can be worn a million different ways.  In our Well Worn series we spotlight unique individuals who seek to stand apart not only in what they wear but what they do.

In our latest lookbook Natalie from Natalie Off Duty and Dylana from DYLANA/SUAREZ took to the streets of New York to show us six ways to look cold-weather cool this winter.

Today find out Natalie’s favorite ways to spend a wintery weekend in New York along with a few of her cold weather style staples.

What inspired this cold-weather look?
I had so much fun styling the Baja Boot. I love how it’s so classic but the embroidered detailing makes it super special and bohemian. I wanted to pair it with something classic like my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, but play with textures on top. Like a retro silk blouse and vintage inspired faux-fur coat. It’s a bit 70’s bohemian rock n’ roll.

What are a few of your winter wardrobe essentials?
In the winter, I can’t live without a great knit beanie, oversize faux fur coat and fingerless mittens.  Oh, and you can’t go wrong with a  great pair of jeans and the perfect pair of boots! In NYC, it gets super cold, so I always focus on stocking up on standout accessories that still keep me warm.

Favorite weekend winter activities.
I LOVE to ice skate! Especially outdoors. It could be in the city, or somewhere beautiful upstate. It’s refreshing and all that movement keeps you extra warm.

Taking a walk through Chelsea Market. You always discover so many delicious restaurants and exotic foods. It’s so cozy.

Movie night. Sometimes my friends and I prefer to stay indoors on a snow day. You’ll definitely find me curled beneath a blanket with a  good cup of hot chocolate.

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On Trend | Game Day Style

When your wanderlust takes you back to home base it’s time to settle into a new stride, one with a more leisurely pace. We’re talking lazy Sundays, lounging for hours, and kicking up those travel-worn feet.

There’s no better way to indulge at home than throwing on a pair of comfy, cozy slippers. These are far from your run-of-the-mill pair (you know, the kind that only last one season). They have a plush pile-lined interior and our soft trademark suede. Plus a rubber sole means you can still venture outside, even if it’s just a few steps.

Guys, it’s time to indulge. Girls, it’s time to treat him. Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner, pick up a pair in rich chocolate or our classic brown. After all, uninterrupted downtime comes too far and few between to not be able to fully revel in all it has to offer.

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