Festival Hair How-To

Not much of a dirty-haired festival goer? Have no fear! Try mixing up your default style with a few minimalist loops. Plus, it only takes 3 minutes to get this sleek look!

Step 1: Grab a chunk of hair above the ear and create 2-3 knots a few inches apart. Or if you’re not feeling the loops, try a few simple braids instead.

Step 2: Secure the end of your knotted (or braided) strand by pushing a bobby pin in the opposite direction. Be sure to double up on pins so your style doesn’t loosen during those long band sets. (Or for you hardcore head bangers!)

Step 3: Select a 2nd strand (or 3rd too) and repeat the steps above. Finish it all off with a dash of hairspray!

About Blair Badge:
Blair is a gal that doesn’t like to sit still. Communication and creative consultant, fashion blogger, (part-time) model and undercover nerd. She’s addicted to Instagram, eats vegan (mostly), is obsessed with almond milk lattes and listens to trance too loud. Currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband Ross.

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