Minnetonka Music Notes: Sleep Study

Minneapolis band Sleep Study


Meet Sleep Study the Minneapolis band behind “Flower Girl,” the soundtrack to Minnetonka’s Spring Video Lookbook Spring Awakening.  Learn more about the band in our Q&A with Sleep Study’s Ryan Paul Plewacki and be sure to enter to win a copy of their debut album Nothing Can Destroy featuring “Flower Girl.”

Tell us how Sleep Study came to be.
Everyone in the band has a different perspective on it, here is my recollection: The band is essentially the brainchild of keyboardist Cory Eischen and myself.  He and I fell into a habit of meeting in his studio and working on songs late into the night. These songs had no purpose nor were they earmarked for any specific project. We were just writing for the fun of it.

At the same time I was working on a record in Boston with Al Kooper and had a wild idea to gather some local Minneapolis guys to track on it. After a few rehearsals, we dug what was happening. The project with Kooper fell through, so instead, we gave our group a name, bought a van, and started working on our debut record.

Which artists or bands inspire you musically?
You know, I’m a sponge. I soak up all music that is around me. I think most critics have noted that what drives most of my writing draws from the “British Invasion” bands, namely The Beatles. But I also really dig all of the bands from that era, groups like The Kinks, Spencer Davis, Troggs, Yardbirds, Zombies, Hollies, Peter and Gordon, Chad and Jeremy, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders. I’ve been obsessed with that stuff since I was a kid. I’ve also always been drawn to a lot of the new wave groups and specifically bands like Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode. Duran Duran, and The Smiths. Then there was the incredible punk music that grabbed me like X-ray Spex and Essential Logic. Somewhere in all of that I found Robyn Hitchcock and I’m not certain I’ve been the same since.

What’s been your most memorable performance so far?
We’ve had some incredible times on the road, but there’s always something special about being back in Minneapolis. And for us, that venue is the 7th Street Entry. We had our record release show there and filled the bill with bands we love.

Favorite Minneapolis hangout?
I live in Longfellow and it’s just a quick jump over to Birchwood Café. It’s kind of like my office. We schedule all of our meetings there and my wife and I barely need an excuse to not make dinner and let them cook for us.

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