DIY Project: Leopard Kilty Mocs Remix

We were excited to feature a DIY for Colorblocked Laces created by Namrata of Land of Nams a couple weeks ago and asked Namrata to create a second DIY project for us try this summer!

This time Namrata set out to remix the look of her Leopard Kilty Mocs. She decided to compliment the style with a darker color (navy blue) to make them a bit more work-ready, perfect for casual Fridays at her office.



Step 1. Use extra wide masking tape under the fringe to protect the leopard pattern from paint.

Step 2. Carefully paint the fringe and bow. Namrata untied the bow to get a more thorough coating.


Step 3. Turn the shoes around and using free-hand, carefully paint the semi circle that covers the seams at the back.

Step 4. Let dry overnight. The next day you may find that you missed a spot so go over any gaping holes and let mocs dry another day.

Step 5. VOILA! Perfect to wear with some dark skinny jeans to work on a Friday!

Visit Land of Nams today and enter to win a pair of Leopard Kilty Mocs to DIY this summer!

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