DIY Project: Fabric Covered Attachments

Today we are excited to feature another adorable DIY project for your Classic Fringe Boots created by Liz of Cotton & Curls. Check out Liz’s tutorial below on how to make a cute pair of Fabric Covered Attachments and be sure to stop by Cotton & Curls today and enter to win a pair of Minnetonka Classic Fringe Boots of your own to DIY!

DIY: Fabric Covered Attachments

Liz of Cotton & Curls in her adorable Fabric Covered Attachments for her Classic Fringe Boots

A couple squares of fabric
Needle and thread and/or sewing machine
Measuring tape
Paper and pencil

1. Take some paper and a pencil and make a pattern of the top of your shoe.  Do this by laying the paper on the top part of your shoe and tracing it with a pencil, outlining where the thread hits or where the pieces of the shoe join together.

2. Measure the top part of the shoe, and write down the measurements on the pattern piece you made, checking it for accuracy.

3. Cut out the paper pattern piece with an added 1/2″ around it for the added seam allowance. It is ok if it isn’t perfect.

4. Cut fabric pieces from the paper piece. Cut 4 full pieces out, two stay the full piece, and the two pieces are cut in half (into 2 pieces), cut it right where the tongue of the shoe will begin. So you will then be left with 6 pieces all together. 2 full pieces and 4 half pieces.

5. Take the 4 pieces (2 will be sewn to the back of one non-cut piece), and hem the straight parts, where they were cut. Do this by folding the end under an eighth to a quarter inch twice and sew a straight stitch across it to secure it in place.

6. Take the top and bottom back pieces you just hemmed, and sew it to the full front piece around just the outside. Make sure when you sew them together, the front sides of the fabric (the outside part with the pattern) are touching.

7. Turn the fabric piece right side out and iron down flat.

8. Slide the tongue part opening of the fabric piece over the tongue of the shoe.

9. With a needle and thread (I used embroidery thread for a thicker look), attach the fabric piece around the threading of the front part of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe should stay in place.

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