DIY Project: His & Her Heart Mocs

A new DIY to try this Fall!  Adorable His & Her Heart Mocs created by A Bit of Sunshine blogger Rebekah Gough.

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Supplies: Minnetonka Suede Ankle Boots and Moosehide Double Bottom Softsole Moccasins, heart and arrow template, heat and bond, plaid fabric, suede, pen, fabritac glue, x-acto knife, scissors, an iron a needle and thread.


Step 1:  Begin by ironing on a small piece of heat and bond to the plaid fabric and then trace your heart template onto the back along with the arrow in the center. Using scissors and an x-acto knife carefully cut out the plaid heart and arrow shape.

Step 2:  Place the heart and arrow appliqués onto the suede and iron them down per the heat and bond instructions letting them cool before cutting out each shape leaving a small border of suede on each one.

Step 3:  With the needle and thread stitch around the outside of each heart if you wish to give them some character and add your initials to the design too if you want!

Step 4: Using the glue attach each finished appliqué to the shoes in the desired location and let dry completely before wearing.


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