DIY Project: How to Customize Your Classic Fringe Boots

Learn how to customize your Minnetonka Classic Fringe Boots in this fun and easy DIY tutorial created by Savannah from the blog Oh So Pretty the Diaries.  Plus find out how you can enter to win your own pair of Minnetonka boots to DIY on Oh So Pretty this week!

Supplies:  Minnetonka Classic Fringe Boots, Fabric, Glue, a Sponge Brush, Embroidery Needle, Embroidery Thread and Scissors

Step 1. Cut two big squares of fabric.

Step 2.  Place the fabric inside the moccasin and cut it into the shape of the tongue.

Step 3.  Cut the same shape into the other piece of fabric.

Step 4.  Brush glue onto the inside of the tongue.

Step 5.  Place your fabric on the glue and stitch around the edge with your needle and thread.

Step 6. Tie a knot to secure the thread and snip off the excess with scissors.

Step 7.  Repeat on the other moccasin.

Step 8.  Put them on your feet and dance!

For more adorable DIY ideas visit Oh So Pretty the Diaries!

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