DIY Project: Painted Fringe Booties

Minnetonka DIY: Painted Fringe Booties by HoldenOnBaby

With the sunshine of spring finally here, we love this bright and colorful DIY created by Isobel of HoldenOnBaby for her little one. Since neon is a big trend this season, Isobel decided to add the colorful hue to Holden’s Fringe Booties to create a pair of fun and brightly-colored footwear for spring!  Plus stop by HoldenOnBaby this week and enter to win a pair of Fringe Booties for your little one to sport this spring!



1.  Pick out two paint colors, one color for the fringe and toe stamps and a different color for the laces.

2.  Using a piece of scotch tape, cover the area underneath the fringe so you can easily paint each piece of fringe without worrying about getting paint in other places.

3.  Paint the fringe until you reach the desired color.

4.  Take the hole punch and punch out a star shape in the middle of a piece of tape.

5.  Stick the tape onto the toe of the shoe making sure that all edges are firmly pressed down so that no paint leaks underneath the tape.

6.  Paint inside the shape and let dry before removing the tape.

7.  Repeat step 6 until you have painted stars all over the toe of the shoe.

8.  Lay the moccasin on it’s side and paint the laces a bright color.

9.  And there you have it, bright mocs for spring!

NOTE: Please keep paint out of reach of small children.


Holden ready for spring in his painted Fringe Booties!

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