Minnetonka Mocs & Music Giveaway Winners List

Congrats to all the winners of our Mocs & Music Giveaway!  Each person listed below wins a pair of Thunderbird II Mocs and an autographed vinyl copy of Nikki Lane’s new album All or Nothin’.

See your name?  Then check your email for further details from Minnetonka!

Madeline S. of Forest Lake
Michelle S. of McClure
Kayleigh W. of Lutz
Jackie M. of Port Arthur
Kristin S. of Harrisonburg
Alex D. of Hudsonville
Christopher H. of Elk Grove
CeCe B. of Knoxville
Janel W. of Cameron
Kay N. of Newburgh
Patricia R. of Orange
Kristen M. of Woodbridge
Yvette M. of Pueblo
Matt L. of Walker
Laura O. of Montezuma
Jennie S. of San Luis Obispo
Hakeem F. of Kapolei
Joan W. of Sparta
Mari S. of Torrance
Natasha G. of Oceanside
Sara T. of Northwood
Grace C. of Kents Store
Ramona G. of Las Vegas
Matt B. of Benbrook
Kate S. of Bloomington

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the Mocs & Music Giveaway!

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