Review for the chance to WIN!

And the 5 lucky winners are:

  • Jaime Taminiau
  • Pat Craig
  • Gabrielle S
  • Lindsey Gibbings
  • Krissy aka “LadyKom”


Which Minnetonka style is your favorite?  How do you wear them?  What is the fit like?

We’re looking for YOU to give your expert opinion on the Minnetonka styles near and dear to you through a product review on the new Minnetonka website.  Review a product, and you’re automatically entered to be one of five winners of either the iconic Thunderbird II moccasin for women, or the Classic Moc for men. You may receive up to three entries (for three reviews), so let your voice be heard and the sharing begin.

The Official Rules:­­

  • Up to three entries per person (each product review equals one entry)
  • Once you have reviewed one or more products on the Minnetonka website, you will be automatically entered to win one of five pairs of mocs we’re giving away.
  • You must live in the US or Puerto Rico.
  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Enter between 12AM Eastern Time, Monday, February 6, 2012 and 5 PM Eastern Time, Friday February 17, 2012. We will randomly select five winners after that time and will post his or her name here on the blog by Wednesday, February 22, 2012 in addition to sending an email.
  • Our Privacy Policy


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

25 comments on “Review for the chance to WIN!

  1. I have wore these moccasins since I was young. I wear the backck zipper boot (no sole). I absolutely love the feel of them. I have passed my love for them down to my daughters. The fit, style and quality…wouldn’t wear any other!!

  2. My teenage daughters bought me the 3 layer fringe boots in brown for Christmas. I was shocked and beyond excited , and yes they have it on video! I love how they fit. Usually, I wear them with skinny jeans tucked in, and almost always get complimented when wearing them! They are so fun to wear. They make me feel young!!

  3. i love minnetonka, i got a pair of ankle boots tramper ones and had to get them from america as i couldnt getr them in britain. So i would love to win a pair, a faithfull minnetonka wearer x

  4. I have a few pairs and I dramatically enormously love them! They are heaven to my feet! I love the smell of genuine leather and the comfort! and thunderbird is personally one of my favorite collections! I got all my friends to fall in love with moccasins and not just any, but only Minnetonka! And now can never go back, especially that they are totally fashionable!!! I am a true Minnetonka fan! (:

  5. I just got my shoes from and loved them so much I wanted to check out your website. How happy to see that you’re holding a giveaway! Woot! I had already Tweeted a pic of my new shoes, so why not write a little review here? Easy!
    I really like these shoes — cute (even my 12 year old likes them) and comfy. Double awesomeness.

  6. Bought my first pair of moccasins on my honeymoon in Walker, Minnesota. I was told it was family tradition to get mocs there ever few years when your last pair wears out. I’m so glad I’m part of the tradition now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my plain(no beading) mocs and will be buying a pair of boots and another pair of mocs the next time I’m in Minnesota. My only advice is go a couple sizes smaller then you normally wear, I’m an 8 most of the time and bought a 6, because they do stretch with any kind of constant wear… Which is almost everyday if you’re like me!

  7. Minnetonka saved my honeymoon! My husband and I were married last Fall and could never seem to get away, so we finally said enough is enough and booked a cabin 1.5 hours away from our home. When we arrived at the cabin, in a snowstorm, I realized that I had only packed a pair of high heels and was wearing heels during the trip. My husband took me into the local town the next morning and I was amazed at the selection of moccasins I had to choose from. The last pair I had owned was as a young girl in the early 80’s (classic white with soles). I selected the fringed moc and put them on immediately. As I leapt out of the store into the snowy air, the clerk smiled and wished us well in our marriage. I am in a half size smaller than my normal shoe size in the fringed. I could not get a good fit in the slip on traditional mocs, (9) was too big and (8.5) was a bit snug. I know they would have stretched a bit, but the fit of the fringed was just perfect. I’m loving being able to wear my new style of mocs to work, no one knows just how comfortable they are, feels like I’m wearing house slippers!, shhhh.

    Thank you Minnetonka!

  8. I have been wearing moccasins all my life. My mother always loved the feeling of moccasins and instilled that in me. The first pair of Minnetonka Moccasins were passed down from my mother, that her mother bought her when she was 16. I love every single style from small to tall from winter to summer. I love these moccasins. I recently updated my style to the 5 layer fringe boots and wear them everyday!

  9. I love these and am grateful for the fact they fit my narrow feet! I have the brown kilties in 2 sizes so I can wear sox or not! I also have black ones, besides a pair unworn so I will never run out of my size! I do not, however, own acovwted pr of t- bird mocs—- please, please, please!!
    Thanks and best wishes,

  10. I recently bought the women’s studded moc pair and I am absolutely in love with them!! My feet are pretty sensitive but these are amazingly comfy. They have the rubber soles on the bottom and a slight arch which helps my arched feet. I wear them around the house as well. I have been wanting moccasins for several years now but never found a pair a loved (that I could afford). I work with a girl who’s mostly Native American and she recommended this brand to me. These are my first pair. I absolutely love them. I would love to get more styles in the future!! Thanks!!

  11. I really love these shoes! I wear them with leggings and a flowy shirt and bright colored scarf and bangles. Classic. Love the way the fringe “swishes” as you walk! Amazing!

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