Spring Into 31 Days of Style – Winners List

Spring into 31 Days of Style!  Think you’re a winner?  Check out the winner’s list below and then check your email for further details from Minnetonka.

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the Spring into 31 Days of Style Sweepstakes!

Day 1: Women’s Kilty Moc – K. Carr of Prairie Grove

Day 2: Kid’s Thunderbird II Moc – J. Teague of Bemidji

Day 3: Men’s Driving Moc – C. Brownstone of Lawrenceburg

Day 4: Women’s Boat Moc –  P. Sims of Louisville

Day 5: Kid’s Double Fringe Side Zip Booties – D. Watson of Arlington

Day 6: Men’s Double Bottom Cowhide Driving Moc – R. Cecilia of Danville

Day 7: Women’s Belize Marigold Sandal – M. McIIvaine of Chattanooga

Day 8: Men’s Moosehide Driving Moc – N. Stevens of Metamora

Day 9: Women’s Maui Poppy Sandal – R. Felder of Philadelphia

Day 10: Women’s Como Sandal in Black – V. Rose of Colonie

Day 11: Kid’s Kilty Suede Moc – K. Harper of Louisville

Day 12: Men’s Camp Moc – A. Gooch of Garner

Day 13: Women’s Bermuda Sandal in Dusty Brown – R. Pavlinac of South Lyon

Day 14:  Kid’s 3-Layer Fringe Boot – A. White of Dover- Foxcroft

Day 15: Boy’s Moc – T. Morse of Murray

Day 16: Women’s Ibiza Sandal in Dusty Brown – K. Kaiser of Arlington Heights

Day 17: Kid’s Ankle Hi Tramper Boot  – J. Muckel of Canoga Park

Day 18: Men’s Original Cowhide Driving Mocs – Q. Richardson of Cody

Day 19: Women’s Nicki Wedge – B. Coss of Holyoke

Day 20: Kid’s Thunderbird II Moc – R. Bessent of Jacksonville

Day 21: Men’s Double Bottom Softsole – L. Villalobos of Chicago

Day 22: Women’s Marin Sandal – K. Willard of La Pine

Day 23: Kid’s Double Fringe Side Zip Boot – R. Blinsmon of Cottage Grove

Day 24: Men’s Classic Moc – D. Mostella of Eden

Day 25: Women’s Marquette Sandal – E. Camplejohn of Raleigh

Day 26: Kid’s 3-Layer Fringe Boots – R. Jones of Newport News

Day 27: Men’s Double Bottom Cowhide Driving Mocs – M. Monday of Port Washington

Day 28: Women’s Ashley Wedge in Fuchsia – A. Crisafulli of Albany

Day 29: Men’s Double Bottom Hardsole Mocs – M. Palmer of Las Vegas

Day 30: Women’s Silverthorne Thong in White – K. Hunt of Las Vegas

Day 31: Women’s Thunderbird II Moc – G. Okundaye of Arlington

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