The Fall 45 Daily Giveaway Winner’s List

The Fall 45 Daily Giveaway!  Did you enter every day? Think you’re a winner?  Check out the winner’s list below and if you are a winner check your email for further details from Minnetonka.

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the Fall 45 Daily Giveaway!

Day 1: Women’s Calf Hi 3-Layer Fringe Boot – Laura Demarest
Day 2: Women’s Cally Slipper – Michelle Asfaig
Day 3: Kids 3-Layer Fringe Boot – Colleen Newcomb
Day 4: Men’s Moosehide Classic Moc – Temperance Treybig
Day 5: Women’s Double Fringe Side Zip Ankle Boot – Tammy McShane
Day 6: Women’s Cally Slipper – Arianna Beverly
Day 7: El Paso Bag – Corrine Dahl
Day 8: Front Lace Knee Hi Boot – Vasilisa Boroveeva
Day 9: Men’s Classic Moc – Theresa Freiberger
Day 10: Infant Genuine Sheepskin Bootie – Nelly Allen
Day 11: Women’s Feather/Concho Boot – Amanda Bryan
Day 12: Outback Hat – Betty Burnett
Day 13: Women’s Mukluk High – Rebecca Griffin
Day 14: Women’s Thunderbird II – Julie Geer Kennedy
Day 15: Men’s Original Cowhide Driving Moc Melinda Grubb
Day 16: Women’s Sheepskin Tramper Boot – Eva Walls
Day 17: Women’s Double Fringe Tramper Boot – Shannon Sonsky
Day 18: Kid’s Thunderbird II – Tracie Clark
Day 19: Men’s Sheepskin Hardsole Moc – Ashley Krayniak
Day 20: Women’s 3-Layer Fringe Boot – Ashley Givens
Day 21: Men’s Casey Slipper – Tyler French
Day 22: Kilty Suede Moc – Katey Oxford
Day 23: Women’s Mukluk Low – Lynn Tellez
Day 24: Men’s Camp Moc – Neil Dick
Day 25: Women’s Calf Hi Two Layer Fringe Boot – Jennifer Suissa
Day 26: Women’s El Paso Ankle Boot – Chloe Straw
Day 27: Kid’s Double Fringe Side Zip Bootie – Jo Prusha
Day 28: Men’s Driving Mocs – Sean Smith
Day 29: Smooth Leather Mocs – Nicolette Loisel
Day 30: Women’s Hi Top Back Zip Boots – Joy Hamilton
Day 31: Men’s Double Bottom Fleece Slipper – Dan Du
Day 32: Kid’s Ankle Hi Tramper Boot – Kathleen Nelson
Day 33: Leopard Kilty Moc – Hilary Hannon
Day 34: Women’s Thunderbird Boat Sole – Kristen Gauthier
Day 35: Boy’s Chukka Boots – Sarah Clark
Day 36: El Paso II Suede Moc – Katie Lassi
Day 37: Kid’s Kilty Suede Moc – Cynthia Dunn
Day 38: Men’s Chukka Boot – Frank Savarese
Day 39: Fringe Bag – Bailey Layne
Day 40: Kids Pile Lined Slipper – Bonnie Wilks
Day 41: Men’s Double Bottom Cowhide Driving Moc – Kathleen Cooney
Day 42: Feather Mocs – Lyn Porter
Day 43: Cross Body Fringe Bag – Chelsea Ewing
Day 44: Men’s Moosehide Double Bottom Softsole – John Chapon
Day 45: Women’s Full Leopard Moc – Brittany Masciotti

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5 comments on “The Fall 45 Daily Giveaway Winner’s List

  1. I WON!!! Thank you so much I am so excited! I haven’t received an e-mail yet though and I want to make sure I claim my prize in time…

  2. I didn’t win, still it was a wonderful giveaway and I had fun trying! Congrats to You Shannon!!!
    Congrats to all the lucky winners!
    A Huge Congrats to the person that won those Mukluk’s You are so lucky!
    I wanted those the most :)
    Great Giveaway! Thanks for the Chance!

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