Win custom-made mocs from Wren x Minnetonka

Click here for details on the 2013 Limited Edition Minnetonka x Wren collaboration!  

To celebrate our collaboration with Wren, Minnetonka will be custom making 10 pairs of the Wren x Minnetonka exclusive navy/red Thunderbird II mocs as seen in the Wren F/W 12 launch film “Beware of Young Girls.”  This style is exclusive, so this will be your only chance to be one of the few lucky people to own a pair — made just for you!

Congratulations to the winners of the Wren x Minnetonka giveaway!  

Heather Marie Martin
Megan Bain
Rena Baradi
Hailey Wanless
Trina Bird
Heather Rasmussen
Molly Dusek
Jenny Rose
Marcie Jackson
Allison Rogers
Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  Keep checking the Minnetonka blog for future Minnetonka giveaways!


Giveaway Entry Details & Rules:

  • Add your name, email and country to the comment section of this post for entry
  • To be eligible, you must LIKE the Minnetonka Facebook page (or already be a fan!)
  • One entry per person
  • Sorry, but you must live in the US or Puerto Rico, and you must be 13 or older
  • Enter between 12AM Central Time, Monday, April 16, 2012 and 11:59 PM Central Time, Tuesday, May 15, 2012. We will randomly select ten winners and will post his or her name on the Minnetonka blog by Friday, May 18, 2012 in addition to sending an email.
  • Custom mocs will be made and delivered to winner in approximately 3 weeks.
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772 comments on “Win custom-made mocs from Wren x Minnetonka

  1. Hello!
    I was a little confused about the contest rules. I had already liked the Minnetonka page a while back but I don’t understand where we enter our name and country…unless it’s right here. Anyways huge Minnetonka fan. They used to be like my trademark shoe and I still get asked where my moccasins are when Im around old friends. Went through 3 pairs of the soft soles so quickly and Im also a proud owner of your knee high mocs and the high ankle double fringe moccasins. I cannot get enough of your moccasins. So, I hope I entered this contest right!!

  2. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! I like Minnetonka on facebook!

    Kellie Rose Wilson-United States!

  3. Absolutely love them. I’m having a hard time finding colored moccasins but I did find a wonderful treasure…a fringe purse…made by who?…You and I love it!

  4. Always live Minnetonka mocs!! Since I was a little girl. Regardless of giveaway I’ll always support you guys!

  5. Always love Minnetonka mocs!! Since I was a little girl. Regardless of giveaway I’ll always support you guys!

  6. I love minnetonka shoes! I discovered you last fall when I bought a pair of booties with fur around the ankle – I literally lived in those this past winter. Just last week I got a pair of the fringed mocs. I imagine I’ll be living in those this summer…unless, of course, I win a third pair :)

  7. Have loved Minnetonka Moccasins since the ’70’s and have several pair. Even wore my scuff slippers bald but refuse to toss them out!

  8. WOW!! Would I ever be thrilled to be lucky enough to win a pair of these! I would live in them! :~)

    I LIKE the Minnetonka Facebook page

  9. Love the Moosehide Kilty the best. I just bought a second pair because I wore the first ones down to the ground! Best mocs ever, thanks.
    Love this collection~~

  10. Minnetonka Moccasins have been my trusty shoes for years. i’ve had so much fun in every pair i’ve owned. in fact im wearing the knee high boots while i’m typing this! looking forward the new fall collection!

  11. Thanks for the chance. I could live in a pair of moccasins everyday, if I had a pair to go with every outfit. “Bury my body with a pair on my feet.”

  12. Love these blue beauties!!!
    acquired 4 pairs Minnetonkas in the last year-love!!!
    would love to slide these on my tootsies.

  13. I’ve seen Minnetonka moccasins at stores and I’ve been dying to have a pair. Maybe this is my chance? (: I would love to own some, would definitely wear these everyday!

  14. My feet would be in heaven with a pair of custom made Minnetonka’s! What a wonderful contest!!! My toes are curling with anticipation!!!

  15. Absolutely looove your product! I love that i can wear them year round, my minnetonka boots look cute with all my native american inspired clothing. Since I’ve bought my first pair its all i wear and i have been giving the name pocohantas because I look like her. Haha :) lovelovelove!

  16. I would love to win these beautiful mocs! I already own the knee high fringe boot and I adore them. I wear them with just about everything! It would be great to incorporate some new Minnetonkas into my wardrobe! Keeping my fingers crossed!! :-)

  17. I have at least three pair of Minnetonka mocs in current rotation and have been wearing Minnetonkas since I was a little girl. Like Melissa Coker, it became a summer ritual to buy a new pair at the lake in Minnesota. Minnetonkas are a family tradition. My sister, cousins, aunts and I all love them. I wear mine in NYC, too, mixing my Minnesota roots with city life. Perfect for shopping for fresh vegetables, a walk or brunch. Love the new dark jewel tones that add edge to this Wren design.

  18. I really need these! I have 5 pairs of Minnetonka mocs in browns and black, and 2 pairs of your sandals. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and they go with everything. (Yes, I wear them to church, too.)
    These are gorgeous–please, please, please!

  19. I love my mocs, I own about 4 pairs and slippers and I can’t get enough of them, they are so comfy, so I wear them all the time, especially to work since I have to be on my feet and walking a lot.

  20. I love my minnetonka moccasins! When i first put them on i couldn’t believe a shoe could feel so soft and fit my foot so well!

  21. I love this look. I have never own any moccasins, but they look comfy and stylish. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I an a 49 year old teenager, military veteran, mom & grandma who has been wearing Minnetonka Mocs since I was a 14 year old teenager. To date my most favorite of all is The Minnetonka Fringed Soft Sole Moccasins:-) From NYC to the Presidio of Monterey, CA and almost everywhere in between, then back and forth a few more times then abroad to Europe we’ve been. How many pairs of Minnetonka’s have I owned? If you are good at guessing how many jelly beans fit into an extra large pickle jar, that would just about sum it up.

  23. I’ve loved Minnetonka for so many years. I like the fringed boot with the back zipper the most. Thank you for the contest.

  24. ZOMG! Minnetonka Moccasins are the only moccasins that touch my feet, I even bought my boyfriend a pair! I had two very rad pairs until my lovely dog destroyed one of them :'< I'm in need of a new pair and I SWEAR I wont let him get to 'em this time! <3

  25. These Mocs would be perfect to wear to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert I’m going to this summer! Or even more perfect for driving around my parents 67 Thunderbird! Summer motto: Be stylish, very stylish! :)

  26. There’s a reason why moccasins never go out of style–they’re classic, comfortable, and go with anything. It’s like they’re meant for your feet. Love Minnetonka.

  27. We love Minnetonka Moccasins and of course we’re already Facebook fans! In fact, that’s how we heard about this awesome contest! Good luck to everyone! :)

  28. Your shoes are so amazing and my feet don’t hurt anymore since I got a new pair of sandals recently for summer. Thank you for a great quality product that is not only stylish but very comfortable to wear all day. Love them!!!

  29. I have loved these moccasins since I was little. My mother instilled the love of these great shoes in me and now im at a time in my life where i could really use these moccasins:) i hope you randomly pick me!

    • My Facebook name is Lyonesse Draven, I have already liked Minnetonka on FB, but since my name does not match does that matter?

  30. I’ve been wearing Thunderbird mocs for 26 yrs!! Ooo…a custom pair just for me would be sooo special!! WIN WIN WIN!!!

  31. I have been wearing Minnetonnka for almost 7 years now! Before they were in the malls, my mom and I used to drive hours to get us a new pair each year! I am a loyal Minnetonka fan and would love a chance to sport the new collection! I hope I win!

  32. My feet and I will do anything and love you forever and ever if I get a beloved pair of these beauties! I’ll love you forever anyways, but you know what I mean.

  33. I’m a Facebook fan already and I love my mocs! Sure would love to add another pair to wear!!
    Thanks Minnetonka Moccasin!

  34. Oh, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for a giveaway from you! And, yes it has been completely worth the wait! I love Minnetonka, especially these! I might just have to give in and buy a pair if I’m unable to win! ;)

  35. i love minnetonka so much! hope my entry was recived correctly, ive been dying for a pair of moccasins, and for now i live in my 3layer fringe boots!

  36. I love all your products! They’re really good quality and I’ve been needing new mocasins for awhile now! this new style is super cute! I hope I’m able to receive a pair! <3

  37. I’ve lived on the North Shore of Lake Superior for my whole life. Minnetonka Mocs are a part of style. Tourists may buy them in the summer, but I’ve worn the same pair year round (minus mukluk season) for the past few years. It’s time for a new pair!

  38. I’m a lifelong lover of Minnetonka Mocassins. I’m 47 and people I went to school with in Jr. High walked up behind me on the street not long ago and said “I knew it was you from your mocs!”. Love my back zip boots but these would be nice too, love the colors!

  39. My Mom bought a pair of moccacins for me in the Wisconsin Dells when I was just a girl and that was decades ago! I love that fact that you are still here and that my daughter loves them and has multiple pairs as I do as well!

  40. Pick me!! I used to have a pair of Minnetonka Moccasin’s, but wore them out! Pick me! I love these!!! :) I’ll give them a good home!!

  41. Hi! I’ve traveled all over the world in my Minnetonkas and can’t live without them. My own little ritual is to take a picture of the tip of my favorite thunderbirds in every new place. My friends in Italy call them “Elise’s cowboy & indian shoes!”Thanks for making the best shoes in the world and I’m sooo excited for the Wren collaboration! :)

  42. Walker Minnesota is the only place I’ll buy my mocs.its family tradition in my husbands family and he bought me my first pair there on our honeymoon two years ago. They are the only flats I can wear without killing my feet! I will wear these shoes for the rest of my life!

  43. LOVE minnetonkas. Also used to buy every summer in Minnesota for summer camp there. Have amazing memories with these shoes. The WREN pair is fantastic!!

  44. I frequently glaze longinly at many of the minnetoka beautiful boots, shoes, sandals and moccasins. ( I also type it in to try to find used pairs in my size on Kijiji. Almost had a brown soft-soled high fringe boot but I wasn’t fast enough I guess.) I have the black pair and love them.
    PLEASE enter me! Thanks and have a spectacular day!

  45. Minnetonka moccasin are so comfortable, I have 2 moccasins, pair of slippers ( that I wish I could fluff up again) and a pair of boots. I couldn’t be happier.

  46. I’ve been wearing Minnetonka since I was a baby! My mom still has my first pair!! I was ecstatic that a local store near my new home in NC carries them occasionally! Just have to check back religiously! <3

  47. i was so excited today to find my moose hide moccasins i lost 2 years ago, just ordered some soft sole ones a couple of days ago, love these moccasins.

  48. Love,lOvE,LoVe em.I can live in Minnetonka moccasins.I have some problems with foot pain and these feel like a dream on my feet.Plus they are sooooo cute

  49. I am from Minnesota and have worn Minnetonka moccasins since 1959:) I could not even guess how many pairs I have worn out and how many styles I have had!! I love the color combo on the WREN special editions… I’ll be waiting for my winning email on or shortly after May 18TH..

  50. Amy Liu
    United States

    I got my first pair of Minnetonkas last year and I LOVE them. I wear them inside, outside, and I’ve literally been around the world in them. People are always asking me where I got them. So, needless to say, I LOVE this brand, and I hope I win! Thanks so much!! :)

  51. I’m already a fan on fb, and would be so grateful to win these!!! I already own 4 pairs and would like to add to my collection!!!

  52. MKP
    I haven’t had a pair of Minnetonka’s since I was a ‘wee’ young girl and my Mom & Dad purchased a pair for me when we were on a summer vacation. So comfortable~~nostalgia~~retro~~chic!

  53. I am ready, willing and able to sport my very first (but surely not my last) pair of Minnetonkas! I promise to look cute in them so that my friends buy them as well! :)

  54. minnetonka’s have been my footwear of choice for years now!i’ve killed so many pairs! love them forever!

  55. I just got my first pair of minnetonkas last year and I am IN LOVE. I would LOVE these!!! Please please please!

  56. eek, i love minnetonkas and have been wondering when or if more colors would be available! this combo is to die for!

  57. I love my Minnetonka mocs :)and new mocs would be great since my beloved pair needless to say, are a bit too well loved and are in need of a replacement.

  58. Oh boy, would I love to have another pair of minnetonkas–the best kind. The “Beware of Young Girls” video is absolutely stunning. I love Tavi.

  59. I found some Minnetonka’s at Goodwill. Best find ever. My friend loved them so much I gave them to her so I STILL don’t have my own. Would love to win these!

  60. Minnetonka moccasins are (hands down) the next best thing ever to being barefoot! I got a pair for every season :D

  61. Yay I love moccasins and free things! Although, is anything ever really free? I hope I win and find out the answer is yes! :D

  62. I have three pairs of minnetonkas right now and have been wearing them all my life, my first pair was the pink moccasins =) Would be so stoked to add these to the collection!

  63. I totally would love to win a pair of these! They are super cute and I would wear them all the time. I love Minnetonka Moccasins!

  64. Oh snap! I want a pair soooo bad. I never win anything though, so a future “Congrats” to the 10 lucky souls who get a pair! :) Cheers!

  65. I love Minnetonka! They’re the most comfortable shoes I own. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jennifer Wcisel

  66. Eep! What a great giveaway! I adore Minnetonkas- would love to add this cool pair to my collection! Fingers crossed!

  67. I just ‘liked’ you! I first fell in love with Minnetonkas through my grandma, who had your mocs in a half dozen styles and wore them with everything. Minnetonka always reminds me of my (much missed) Grandma Virginia!

  68. This is such a great giveaway! I somehow lost one of my mocs during rehearsals for a play I was in. This would be so great to win!

  69. Just liked their page on Facebook – I’ve been wearing my Minnetonka boots non-stop & would love a pair of shoes for the summer.

    And they make them just down the street from me! :)

  70. I follow Elizabeth’s blog, Delightfully Tacky, and I’ve always loved all her Minnetonka Moccs! I’ve wanted a pair for soooo long, but being a college student means my excess money typically goes into school supplies and books… A pair of these custom Minnetonka moccasins would be perfect to replace my thrifted pair of moccasins that look like they’re about to see their final days… Awesome giveaway! Hope I win :)

  71. I love my Minnetonkas. I’ve worn my current pair almost every day for the last two years, it’s probably about time I got some new ones.

  72. I can’t get enough Minnetonkas. So comfortable and stylish. Whenever I wear mine, all my friends are jealous. Hope I win :) :)

  73. Thanks for the opportunity! I love my Minnetonka moccasin’s & lately I’ve been considering getting a new (perhaps colored) pair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed :D

  74. I have worn my current pair of Minnetonkas to death and am in need of some new ones! This is the perfect opportunity to get a new pair! And these are especially beautiful! Even better! :)

  75. Ooooohh, those are so cute! I got my first pair of Minnetonkas this past year for Christmas and I pretty much wear them everyday! I have my fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  76. Can I PLEEEEZZZZZ WIN…I really want these 4 my mom for mothers day. Even though it would be late, thethought would still count. I absolutely love this shoe.

  77. My grandparents introduced me to Minnetonka moccasins a billion years ago. Love them! I had white Thunderbirds with red/black beading.

  78. I love Minnetonkas I’m on my third soft soles pair but, I’m sure I will walk them to death as usual. They are so comfortable. And go with everything :) I’d love a wonderfully fancy custom version.

  79. I love the great workmanship of Minnetonka moccasins, and the styles you produce are so cute! I would love to add a pair to my shoe wardrobe!

  80. When I was young I wore Minnetonka Moccasins and always loved them. Of course after years living in Ohio they became out of fashion and could not find them anywhere. So three years ago I went to visit my daughter in Arizona. while there I found me a pair of knee high front laced fringed boots. I wear them here all the time. I love being the only one in my area wearing them. I managed to save money now to get The Nikki Sandals. I am always being complemented on my style. I wear what I love not what the Magazines say is style. I would love to win a pair of Wren X Thunderbird Moccasins. I have been a Fan on Facebook for two years now. And Can not find Minnetonkas in Ohio.

  81. “Liked” on Facebook. I’ve been wanting a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins for awhile now. These would be awesome to win!

  82. I recently wore out my Mocs, so having a brand-new custom pair would be fantastic. What a great giveaway! :)

  83. These moccasins look amazing (like all Minnetonka Moccasins!), I really hope that I win! They would take me everywhere, from the office to happy hour, to summer festivals and the market. <3 <3

  84. Freak out! I commented the other day.. Now I can’t find it!! Would absolutely love these Moc Moc Moccies!! Everything crossed!

  85. I would loooove these! My only pair of Minnetonka moccasins I have our falling apart. :( Although I thought that they would go a lot sooner haha. I’ve had them for ages and lasted quite a while!

  86. I wanna wanna, pair of navy blue Minnetonkas.
    With their red stichin’, I am smitten.
    Cause they’d look so sweet upon my feet!

  87. Just order the three tier calf high boots… can’t wait to get them and rock them out with my sundresses. But pair of the moccasin would be fun to wear too! : ))

  88. Beautiful Mocs! Love to watch different generations wear them! My mom wore them, I wear them (38) and just started my nieces (and now friends) that are 16 on them! Always a classic!

  89. This summer I will be going to Mexico. What I still need is a great pair of moccasins which I can wear every day. These minnetonka’s are amazing and I would love to show them of!

  90. I am 1/32 Cherokee and my great, great, great, great, REALLY GREAT Grandmother made corn tortillas with Sacagawea, so I am practically a Native!

  91. I love your mocassins, I feel like I am so inspired when I wear them. Everywhere I travel whether it be walking around the windy cold streets of chicago, or on a cobblestone path in Savannah I wear your moccasins. I think shoes are important cause they are essentially all you can see when your walking around, you can easily look down and they are there with you. I love looking down and seeing my quirky and stylish Minnetonka moccasins.

  92. I love love love my ‘tonks!
    They end up in probably 90% of my grad-school outfits-and then transition into my real job too!

  93. minnetonka fan for life! I’ve been rockin the Thunderbirds since I was 6, 20 years have passed and they’re still my favorite shoes!!!

  94. I’m a university student who would loveee a pair of amazing Mocs! (A little out of my budget currently haha) :(

  95. I just bought my FIRST pair of Minnetonka sandals & can’t wait to rock them in Michigan this summer! Now, of course, I’m addicted. Hope I’m a lucky one who receives the navy/red Thunderbird II mocs!

  96. I’m proud to say I’ve been a Minnetonka Moccasin fan my entire life. I’d be thrilled to own a limited edition pair!

  97. I love wearing these …they make the perfect footwear for my job and being on my feet all day at work …Thank you!!

  98. My trusty pair of Minnetonka moccasins carried me through many a debauchery, and honestly they still look bitchin’.

  99. Proud owner of knee high mocs, and cali mocs, if I could wear my knee highs everyday I would!! Love Minnetonkas, classic and timeless!

  100. Minnetonka mocs are without a doubt the best! They are comfy and stylish and everything in-between!

  101. I turn 30 on May 22 and this would be afab gift:). Hint, hint:)

    Natasha Marie Rao

    I’m already liking Minnetonka on FB because I love and following on twitter:)

  102. Best shoes on the planet.I have nine differnt variaties,ranging from slip ons to the knee high boots in both black and brown,and I always get compliments.I’ve been wearing them since the 70’s.

  103. Minnetonka mocs are fabulous. These in particular would look great on my feets. :) Love to pair them with…well anything!


  104. I just recently purchased a pair of Minnetonka sandals for my trip to Mexico. After 3 back surgeries Minnetonka’s are the most comfortable footwear! I would LOVE to win a pair especially designed just for me!

  105. that would be so cool if I won, I have herd such good reviews about your shoes,I can’t wait to try them out and maybe they might even be free, that is if I win……wish me luck. And thank you for your great shoes

  106. Please! I promise to take a ton of pictures staring my new mocs if i am picked! photography is my passion and i would love a comfortable and unique pair of shoes to help me express myself!! thank you :-D

  107. I have worn your brand since I was s kid. Just purchased a pair last year and wore them out soon after so I need a new pair.

  108. Absolutely love your shoes. I have 2 pair of your wonderful sandals….had 3 but the one finally wore out and I had to give them a decent burial. I’d love to win a pair of custom made Minnetonka’s.

  109. I grew up wearing lots of Minnetonka Moccasin. I can’t get enough of that. I love wearing deer skin Minn Moccasins! I have gone thur a lot of wear and tear Moccasins!

    Here’s a shout out from me in Tarheel state!!!

  110. I wore Minnetonka mocs as a teenager and have them in my closet now. The love has been passed on and I now have a daughter who has more pair than I even know! Winning would be wonderful! Thanks!

  111. Ahhh! LOVE Minnetonka Moccasins. I would be ecstatic if I had the privilege of owning a custom pair! Pick me and you can be sure the beauties will have a loving home :)

  112. I’m a big time Minnetonka fan. Have owned several pairs of the Kilty moc throughout the years, and I’m currently waiting on a pair of tramper boots to arrive in the mail. Would be so honored and pleased to own these custom Wren Minnetonkas, they are to die for!!! xoxo

  113. I would LOVE to win a pair of moccasins. I’ve always wanted a pair and never got the chance to get a pair. Happy mothers day to all you mothers!

  114. I would LOVE to win a pair of these! I love love love Minnetonka Mocs! I LIKE Minnetonka on Facebook!

  115. Love Minnetonka Mocs – ever since my first pink pair with rhinestones when I was a little girl! Can’t wait until my baby girl can fit into them!

  116. I just stummbled on this and im so glad i did! These are some super sweet moccasins !! Hope i win, if not ill probably buy some :D
    Cain Graham, United States.

  117. They are adorable!!! I really really really love to have one! It will be my first moc, and I bet I would love it & be a loyal customer of Minnetonka Moccasin :)) I’ve always wanting to have one!

  118. I will NEVER buy any other slippers as long as I live! They are the best! :)
    Hopefully, I will win a pair so I don’t have to buy them! ;)

  119. New to the computer, I hope this is correct. I wore your mocs in high school and still wear them, as a Grandmother of 6 beautiful Grandchildren. My 8 year old Grandson wants me to get him a pair now!! Love them…Thanks.

  120. i love minnetonka my grandma used to wear them all of the time when i was a little girl and i used to steal them and wear them when she took them off!! lol

  121. I got my first pair as an early mother’s day gift from my lil one and I’m already LOVING them! Can’t wait to get another pair, It’d be awesome to win one!

  122. i love your moccasins
    the quality is amazingg! i would love to win these adorable thunderbirds! :D

  123. Oh my goodness please let me win!! I wear my grey moccasins to work almost every day. I feel like I am cheating and wearing comfy slippers :)

  124. I don’t think I’ve ever owned moccasins before but how super cute are these!! I can’t wait to sport these this summer :*)

  125. St. Paris, Ohio 43072
    The Broken Arrow Western Shop is where I get to see all that Minnetonka has to offer our ‘small town’. Love your products & would love to see what else is available. thanks!

  126. This flower child needs new kicks. I have Minnetonka boots and love them….but it sure is getting hot outside!!! :o)

  127. may 22nd is the end of my teenage years, and to embark into my 20s with a new pair of mocs would be amazing. wearing minnetonkas makes me feel almost closer to the earth and i only have a pair of knee high boots, and living in texas that gets quite hot, so theyd be perfect. <3

  128. OMG, I love them soo much.
    you are liked on my Facebook..
    I hope I get picked, that would make my day!! ♥..
    I am in the USA!!

  129. My daughter in college wanted a pair for Christmas and didnot get them.This would make her day. Love your moccasins. Very well made and they last forever!

  130. Halito, I am a part Choctaw and my traditional dress is red and white, my beaded haircomb is red, white, and blue, and the design is of red thunderbird… these mocs are the perfect accessory for my regalia.. plus my birthday is on may 24 and these would make a great birthday present, I currently do not have any mocs and had to borrow someone elses for our last gathering… It would be so awesome to win a pair of these.. they are just to perfect for my regalia, I just got to have a pair. I am full of hope for winning these beautiful moccasins. Yakoke

  131. I remember your brand, as a young girl growing up. Always have and always will, come back to your quality shoes. Thanks so much for offering a fantastic giveaway!

  132. I just told myself how much I need more pairs,they’re the most awesome shoes and pretty. Love them! I bought my first pair over three years and they’re still hanging in there with a tad wear and tear.