Behind-the-Scenes at We Day Minnesota

Minnetonka We Day Correspondents: Jenn & Nick

On October 8th, 18,000 students from across Minnesota flooded into the Xcel Energy Center for Minnesota’s first ever We Day.  Each student in attendance had to earn their way into this daylong celebration of musical performances and inspiring speakers by committing to one local and one global act of service this year.

Minnetonka We Day Student Correspondent Jenn Fabian went behind-the-scenes as part of the press team to cover this incredible one day event for the Minnetonka blog.  Read Jenn’s coverage of We Day below!

Students from across Minnesota packed the Xcel Energy Center for We Day!

Minnetonka We Day Student Correspondent: Jenn Fabian

If there is one overriding message to take away from We Day and the Me to We Movement, it’s that we are never too young to change the world.  We Day celebrates this generation—and empowers it to strive for ever more.

While each speaker at We Day Minnesota brought their own unique and inspiring message to share with the 18,000 young people in attendance, arguably the most powerful talks were those given by people our age or even younger.

Minnesota's first ever We Day

Hannah Alper, at ten years old, has already accomplished more than most of us in our teens could ever dream of accomplishing.  She started her own blog, Call Me Hannah, and while she began writing about the environment, it soon turned into so much more.

As she pointed out, she was the same age as the now famous education activist Malala Yousafzai was when she began blogging.  At 10 years old, both girls realized there was something wrong in the world, and they refused to stand idly by.  Despite their young age, they knew they could do something to impact at least one life, but they did so much more.

Free the Children co-founder Craig Kielburger takes the stage at We Day Minnesota in his Minnetonka mocs! Photo Courtesy of Michael Rajzman/Free The Children

As part of the press, I was able to attend the press conference with Debby Ryan, Joe Jonas, and Craig Kielburger (one of the founders of Free the Children, the organization responsible for the creation of the Me to We Movement and We Day).

During the press conference, Debby Ryan spoke about her belief in the positive power of social media and what the Me to We Movement is doing to erase the negative stigma associated with social media: “Everything’s gone online and we have so much more power now than ever before, and people like Me to We and Free the Children are kind of changing that and transforming that and using that power for good.”

Bridgit Mendler, Debby Ryan & E! News correspondent Jesse Giddings

We Day is not just about changing the world—it is about changing our world.  As one person we can only do so much, but when you harness the power of 18,000 young people, we can reach more people than we could ever imagine.

How will you change your world?

We Day Minnesota Co-Chairs Dean & Hutton Phillips

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