Craftsmanship + Color: Limited Edition Thunderbird II Moc

Our iconic Thunderbird II moccasins have been infused with a fresh, citrus hue. These limited edition nectarine mocs are the must-have accessory for every summer adventure. They feature the same quality and hand construction everyone’s come to love.

A few weeks ago we got the chance to see how these handcrafted beauties begin.

It all starts with the best materials around. Quality, suede leather is cut with steel dies.

Each piece will become part of our iconic moccasin. The only way these reach our feet is by hand, which makes each pair totally unique.

Here the collar is expertly stitched. Hand sewing ensures an attention to detail unlike any other.

Next it’s time to sew the sporty sole to the moc. These rubber bottoms are key to comfort. They bend and flex with every step.

Hand lacing closes the moccasin around its round toe, which features our iconic hand-beaded Thunderbird detail.

Handcraftsmanship and a distinctive style meets a fun, new color. Pair these limited edition nectarine mocs with skinny jeans, skirts or shorts for a stylish, summer look.


3 comments on “Craftsmanship + Color: Limited Edition Thunderbird II Moc

  1. I love your mocassins. The span the time and are for all ages. And the colors are magnificent! I am older and love these! Thank you. I have several pairs of your mocassins and intent to buy more.

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  3. I love Minnetonka moccasins and boots.
    Now that I am retired, I get to travel a little.
    I find that I can easily walk and tour all day in my Minnetonkas and my feet never hurt…………….. plus I get lots of compliments on my Minnetonkas from others around the country.

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