Minnetonka Around the World

Spanning the globe from Japan to South Africa and on to Spain, everyone’s talking about Minnetonka!  We’ve collected a few of our favorite global Minnetonka moments from over the past month.  Enjoy!


How bright can you be this spring? Accessorize with all these colorful neon and tribal inspired products, featuring the Minnetonka double fringe tramper boot in Elle, South Africa.


A moment for fringe in Cosmopolitan, South Africa.


Comfort and layering are key during cooler temps. A perfect shoe for any type of weather is the Minnetonka Kilty suede moc featured in O Magazine, South Africa.


Minnetonka Kilty's are the ideal shoe for a walk in the park according to the March issue of In Style, Spain.


Comfort comes first, in the Minnetonka tramper boot for kids. Featured in Spain's Hola Ninos.

Exciting new Minnetonka styles for spring featured in Japan.


Highlighting classic Minnetonka style in Sweet Magazine from Topwin, Japan.



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