Minnetonka Mural Project

Before & After: A Minnetonka green space transformed

When faced with an empty outdoor space at our Minneapolis headquarters, Minnetonka employees along with artist Andrea Avery, creatively came together to construct a beautiful mural capturing the essence of Minnetonka and in turn creating a gorgeous green space for all to enjoy.

Watch how this timeless piece of art came to be and learn more about artist Andrea Avery’s Minnetonka story and the inspiration behind the Minnetonka Mural Project.

Minnetonka employees letting their creative juices flow!

Meet the Artist: Andrea Avery

What are some of the techniques you used to create this Minnetonka mural?
To tackle a mural of this size, it can be approached in many different ways. First, this was a true collaboration with the Minnetonka team and myself. The concept was developed and executed together.

We freehand painted many of the trees and shrubs, and used different spray painting and stencil techniques for the leaves. We projected the logo to make sure it was as accurate as possible. The woodland animals are all prints of paintings I have done, which were then wheat pasted on the mural. About a dozen Minnetonka employees were involved in the creation of the mural, from the design, to putting up scaffolding, to actually taking different shifts to help paint. This was a really great collaborative effort that fully transitioned the space.

Minnetonka Mural Team: Creative Manager Mark Bahn, artist Andrea Avery & Director of Marketing Kalyn Waters

What does Minnetonka mean to you and how did that translate into this mural project?
I grew up in a small tourist town in northern Wisconsin called, Chetek. You could buy Minnetonka moccasins at the local dime store, so the beaded Thunderbird has become a symbol of nostalgia and Americana to me and my family. I’ve  had a pair ever since I can remember. My mom also wears Minnetonka moccasins so I guess you could say they are a staple fashion piece in the Avery family.

When I think of Minnetonka the first thing that comes to mind is “handmade.” Minnetonka reminds me of home– being out on the lake fishing or on a hike in the woods. That was largely the inspiration for this mural project, the natural surrounding of the north woods as well as the changing of the seasons.



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