Minnetonka partner takes mocs to Haiti!

Minnetonka works with a variety of great partners to run our business. One we are very excited to share with you isĀ Print 4 Change, a company thatĀ invests 50% of their profits directly to initiatives and programs that empower people living in extreme poverty. Minnetonka works with them to produce the majority of our printed materials and retail displays – and we love knowing that every project is benefiting people around the world!

We were thrilled to be a part of Print 4 Change’s September mission trip by providing mocs to the people of Titanyen, Haiti. Check out some of the smiling faces and happy toes from this trip. Thanks to Print 4 Change for including us in your great work!

The September 2012 Insight Trip Team members

The stash of Minnetonka product Print 4 Change ambassadors carried in their own luggage to share with the people of Titanyen.

Kids picked out their favorite Minnetonka styles in Haiti.

Every girl needs some pink in her life!

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