Minnetonka x Wren – Limited Edition Collaboration!


Is it fall yet? We can’t wait to share our new Fall Limited Edition collaboration with you right now – the Minnetonka x Wren moc!  Minnetonka collaborated with women’s ready-to-wear brand Wren, founded by former Vogue and W fashion editor, Melissa Coker, to create this classic style moc featuring luxe deerskin and metallic beading, available here for purchase for a limited time.

How did this partnership of two classic brands join forces you ask? Melissa’s love for Minnetonka began as a child growing up in the Midwest, spending summer vacations in Wisconsin. The  highlight of each trip for her was buying a new pair of Minnetonka moccasins. Fast forward to Fall of 2013, and Melissa worked with Minnetonka to develop this new take on the iconic Thunderbird moccasin, the style that started out her Minnetonka love affair as a young girl.

To unveil this exciting collaboration, we channeled our inner 1960’s free spirit girl and partnered with award-winning filmmaker, Maximilla Lukacs and the indie pop band, Guards, to create an exclusive acoustic music video of their song “Not Supposed To.” Maximilla shot in a style reminiscent of 1960’s documentary filmmaking, including the use of Super 8 film stock for super saturated colors, which make the Wren dresses worn by Guards’ Kaylie Church, pop alongside the Minnetonka x Wren Mocs.

Front left to right: Wren designer Melissa Coker, Filmmaker Maximilla Lukacs, Minnetonka Marketing Manager Kalyn Waters; Back: Guards

Behind-the-video shot of Kaylie Church, member of Guards, wearing the Minnetonka x Wren moc paired with a Wren leopard dress

Push play below to see how the acoustic video turned out – and click here to purchase the Minnetonka x Wren moc!



2 comments on “Minnetonka x Wren – Limited Edition Collaboration!

  1. I bought a pair of limited edition wren minnetonkas last year at Nordstrom and love, love them. Unfortunately, the leather binding along the inner side of the right shoe has pulled out of the top part of the shoe (looks like the hole may have been punched a little to close to the edge and sort of ripped). In any event, my question is, can they be fixed? Nordstrom isn’t carrying them this year so I’m looking for some sort of a solution to get them fixed – can you help? PS – I also have your slippers in hot pink suede and they are fine. Also, didn’t wear fat socks with the shoes so not to stretch them out. Thanks for taking the time to address this and look forward to a reply.

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