Sandal 2013 Design Time!

Have you checked out the new Minnetonka sandal line yet? At Minnetonka HQ, we’re already hitting the drawing board to plan for the sandals you’ll be wearing next year, envisioning what you’ll be dancing around beaches and summer boardwalks in for 2013. Here are a couple behind-the-scenes pictures of the sample room our product development team has been getting creative and having fun in  over the past month.

The product development team kicks up their feet at the morning meeting.

Footwear eye candy - the sample wall!


We want to bring you to the table to share your design and product ideas. What do you love about the current sandal line? What do you want to see more of (more fringe! more height! more comfort! new colors!)? Please share your product input with us and we’ll keep you updated as we go along.

See you in the sample room!

6 comments on “Sandal 2013 Design Time!

  1. I would like to see more soft-sole style moccasins I would especially like to see the bead design on the children’s moccasins brought up to the women’s moccasin tale away the kilty fringe on the toe and put the sun bead pattern there instead of the Thunderbird

  2. I’m very in love with the new sandal line. The tassels on the Belize shoe are great, and I wanted to buy a pair but they didn’t have them in my size at the Marshall’s I was shopping at. The Nicki is a super cute wedge and I absolutely can’t get enough fringe, but I wish that there were more bright and fun colors like Poppy!

  3. I want a pair of boots that look like uggs, but are made in the USA!!!! Yours are made in Dominican Republic. WHY ???? Why not MN ??

  4. I wish you would make the the Rio Slide again – the best sandal that I have ever worn.
    Don’t like thongs as i have gotten older and the flat shoe is stable and VERY comfotable.
    Bought it in 2011 – couldn’t find it last year and don’t see it this year.


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