My Minnetonka Story: Rose Eva

Rose Eva in her dusty brown Minnetonka Kilty mocs.

My Minnetonka (Love) Story: Rose Eva of

What was your first pair of Minnetonka moccasins?
My first pair of Minnetonka mocs were the Kilty suede mocs, well over five years ago. It’s when I first started college, and I wore them daily, rain or shine, and it was hard for me to pry them off my feet, even when it started snowing. They held up beautifully despite my abuse!

Where were your first pair of Minnetonka’s purchased?
In New York City, where I moved for university. I saw a tall, beautiful woman walking down the street in them, she looked so elegant and carefree, I knew I had to have my own pair. I went into a shoe store on the block I lived on, St Mark’s Place in the East Village, and there were so many choices, but once I saw them in dusty brown I knew those were mine. (I later went back, and purchased them in taupe and grey as well.. can’t beat how nice they feel!)

What is your favorite memory involving your Minnetonka’s?
A few years later, walking around London with my now-hubby, then-boyfriend, for hours, looking at all the absolutely beautiful sites, getting cupcakes at the Hummingbird Cafe, taking photos whenever we stopped, and finally feeling confident in myself after quite some work, but most importantly, being comfortable & content.

How far have you and your Minnetonka’s traveled?
Hmm! The coolest city I ever went to in my Minnetonka’s is probably Tokyo, Japan. It was lovely to walk around the very stylish streets of Harajuku in a sundress with a pair of moccs or tramper boots, feeling like I fit in, but not worrying about how far away the hotel is. I stopped wearing heels when I started wearing moccasins!

Describe your Minnetonka style.
The greatest thing about moccasins are, you really can wear them with anything. Fringed ankle boots with a sundress or leggings, suede Kilty mocs with some jeans and a blazer, beaded mocs with a long, flowy skirt and loose top with braids in your hair.  I like to be able to change my style, to try new things with the new fashion seasons, and luckily enough, the mocs are always able to come with me and adapt. Now that I’m moving to England with my hubby, I’m excited to incorporate new and exciting fashions with my fave shoes. My favorite way of late to wear them is featured in the picture I included, for a nice, sweet summery look!

Tell us your Minnetonka story!

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  • What is your favorite memory involving your Minnetonka’s?
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  • Describe your Minnetonka style.

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