16 comments on “Wren x Minnetonka Thunderbird II and Kilty Mocs

  1. I love moccasins especially Minnetonka mocs. These ones are so unique they are great plus they would go great with my traditional choctaw dress and regalia which is Red, White, and Blue… My birthday is on May 24th, this would also make a wonderful birthday present. I hope to be lucky enough to own a pair of these very very soon. Have a wonderful day to all :)

    • Hello Kristy! Unfortunately this was a misprint by InStyle magazine, and this style is not available. However, Shoemall.com and Zappos.com does carry the Thunderbird II style featured in a variety of colors. We apologize for the confusion.

  2. SO DEVASTATED that you’re not selling these anywhere!! I’ve been searching all over the internet looking for the ones in InStyle….we should be compensated for the misprint :)

  3. I love the blue with yellow! Very Swedish!
    Please let me know when and where I can get them.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Darla. Unfortunately the Wren x Minnetonka collection was created exclusively for the Wren Fall/Winter ’12 presentation and is not available for purchase. However, Shoemall.com and Zappos.com carry the Thunderbird II style in a variety of colors. Our apologies for the confusion.

      • I, too, searched for these navy blue with yellow beads after contacting shoemall.com and being informed shoemall.com did not have them! Absolutely love these shoes – looks like many others do, too! Glad I checked hear. I had e-mailed InStyle to let them know these mocs were not available at shoemall.com. So disappointed!

  4. I, too, wish the blue with yellow thunderbird was available for purchase. I have been looking for a fun contemporary mocassin!

  5. I hope you consider making an updated version of the Thunderbird. I also saw this in InStyle and would have bought them. The current style is and floors are drab and dated. Some fun colors like green with pink beads or the blue with yellow would be awesome.

  6. Please please collaborate again, you must make more of these amazing mocs. So upset I can’t buy them, I’m obsessed with the blue and yellow ones. Sigh.

  7. I SO wish the navy mocs with the yellow beads (or the navy with the red beads) were available for purchase. So disappointing! Is it even a consideration to make that style available for purchase?

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