Store Spotlight: Teysen’s Moccasin Shop

Minnetonka Store Spotlight: Teysen’s Moccasin Shop 300 E. Central  Mackinaw City, MI  49701

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Teysen’s Moccasin Shop is a third generation business, currently owned by Greg and Vicki Teysen.

Teysen’s has carried Minnetonka products for over 60 years and we’ve always enjoyed the variety of styles that Minnetonka has offered.

Being in the Midwest’s premier tourist destination, Mackinaw City, the travelers who visit Mackinaw (as well as locals alike) have always been attracted to Minnetonka’s mocs, boots and slippers.

Pictured here are owner Vicki Teysen, employee Barb and manager Kelly Myers. All three have worked at Teysen's Moccasin Shop since its opening!

What is the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?
Currently the Kilty in taupe is our most popular style, but all of the Kilty colors are definitely customer favorites.

What’s your favorite pair and how do you like to style your mocs?
My favorite pair of mocs are my dusty brown Kilties.  I like to style them casually with either jeans or capris.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
There are a number of must-see destinations near our store including two Historic State Parks in Mackinaw City, a restored Historic Village west of town and an International Dark Sky Park.

Along with the Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls and the Soo Locks.

Our store is located at the entrance of a 12 acre open air mall in downtown Mackinaw City close to Marina’s and two band shells.  Many festivals and activities take place near our store from early May till mid October!


Made By Hand: Camp Wolf

A few months ago we were introduced to the adorable, handcrafted designs of Camp Wolf.  Designers, Cristin and Cora, repurpose denim along with Pendleton wool to create one-of-a-kind pieces that endure the active lifestyles of little ones.

Check out our Q&A with Cristin and Cora to learn more about Camp Wolf and the inspiration behind each of their handcrafted designs.

Plus be sure to enter the Minnetonka + Camp Wolf giveaway for the chance to win a Camp Wolf vest for you and your little one, along with matching Minnetonka mocs!

Tell us about yourself and your background and how Camp Wolf came to be?

Camp Wolf was born in Portland, Oregon out of a love for the Pacific Northwest and our passion for making unique things for the people we love.  Camp Wolf started as a kid’s clothing and accessories line, but since our launch in September 2013 has grown to include styles for men and women, too.

Believe it or not, we met through Instagram just over a year ago and live on opposite sides of the country (Portland OR & Richmond VA)!  We are both mamas to boys (Miles, 2; Henry, 3; Jack, 2) who keep us super busy.  We’re pretty amazed by how much we’ve grown in our first year, and sometimes we still just can’t get over seeing photos of our amazing customers and their children wearing things that we’ve made!

Tell us about the handcraftsmanship that goes into each Camp Wolf piece. How is each piece unique?

When it comes to our products, we believe in function, craftsmanship, and above all, individuality. All of our denim garments are repurposed and feature authentic, 100% pure virgin Pendleton wool, made right here in the USA.

Because all of our denim has been carefully selected from all over the country and is embellished by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike. This is what makes them truly unique!

Describe your design process.

If we had to pick one area of our business where living so far apart presents the most challenges, it’s here!  Since we aren’t able to work together in the same studio space, we begin designing a lot of our products independently.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to stay connected between endless phone calls, texts, emails, Skype sessions, and the good ol’ USPS, so we’re still able to be involved in one another’s creative processes.  Naturally we are drawn to different styles, and the way we create new products allows for each of them to be represented within our line.  We love that!

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

We are endlessly inspired by the gorgeous materials that we use daily for our line.  Pendleton wool comes in so many beautiful prints and colors, and we love challenging ourselves to find new ways to use it.

Our boys are also a constant source of inspiration!  They all have such different personalities, and it’s so much fun to see our designs come to life on them.  It’s also a great way to test the durability of our products.

What’s been your favorite piece that you’ve created so far?

Our denim jackets are, hands down, our favorite pieces.  They are what started it all, and they are what truly embody our line.  The process of hand-picking a jacket and pairing it with the perfect Pendleton print to give it a whole new life is so much fun, and we’re always in love with the final product.  Knowing that our garments will be worn with love on adventures great and small is awesome!

 Photography by:

Margaret Jacobsen
Aspen Summit
Clair Morgan

#EverydayAdventure Photo Contest Winners!

This summer we challenged YOU to show us how you’re creating adventure all summer long.

We were overwhelmed by all of the inspiring Instagrams entered and are eager to announce the first, second and third place winners that epitomized the spirit of #EverydayAdventure.

First Place:  Noelle of Toledo

Second Place: Staci of South Jordan

Third Place: Carrie of Breckenridge

Stay tuned for 10 runner-ups announced on Friday, August 29th. Thank you to every one who entered and keep showing us how you’re celebrating #EverydayAdventure @MinnetonkaMocc this Fall!

Store Spotlight: DNA Footwear

Minnetonka Store Spotlight: DNA Footwear 273 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 1001

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Keeping up to date with the current trends and fashion in New York City isn’t always easy. The good news is that with six locations in some of Brooklyn’s stylish neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint, DNA Footwear always has the newest trends hot off the press.

This spring we opened our first Manhattan store, located on the corner of Prince St. and Lafayette St., in the center of the Soho shopping district. This new vintage-inspired space takes the rustic feeling of Brooklyn and combines it with the trend setting styles of Manhattan, just like our favorite pairs of Minnetonka mocs!  Their combination of classic style, hipster-chic and casual fashion are some of our favorite characteristics of the Minnetonka brand.

What’s the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?

The most popular styles in our Soho store would be the Monte Carlo Low Wedge Sandal followed by the Kilty Suede Moccasin. People love styling the sandals with summer casual clothes and the Kilty mocs work all year long. They’re a New York closet staple!

What’s your favorite pair and how do you like to style your mocs?
This question sparked a heated discussion in our Soho Store! For our store employees, the decision was split evenly between the Kilty moc and the El Paso style.

For styling the brand, we are partial to styling Minnetonka moccasins with casual fashion choices. The shoes go perfectly with a pair skinny jeans and chunky sweater, or simple top and cardigan. Even with this more casual relaxed look, focused on comfort, New York City style still takes center stage in all our outfits.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
Since our Soho store is located right in downtown Manhattan, it’s hard to do anything else than try out all the amazing restaurants on every block!

Mac Bar, right around the corner, is a great place to pick up some delicious gourmet mac and cheese. They have great flavors to choose from, including lobster mac and duck mac and cheese! If you’re looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee check out Le Colombe. It’s right across the street from our store and we pop over all the time. Really anywhere you turn in this neighborhood you’re guaranteed to find something delicious to enjoy!