Minnetonka 1st Annual Holiday Display Contest

Round 1 Voting is now CLOSED!

Minnetonka stores from around the country created festive holiday displays reflecting the spirit of their store and Minnetonka. Now its up to you to vote for your favorite Minnetonka Holiday Display of the season (and YOU could win too)! Are you a store owner? Encourage your customers, friends and family to vote – good luck!


  • To cast your vote, leave a comment in the section below for the holiday display of your choice.
  • Please only one vote per person. For the final voting round, voters may submit one vote on both Facebook AND the Minnetonka blog (for a total of two votes).
  • Winners must live in the U.S. and be 16 or older.
  • Each participating voter will be entered into a drawing on Saturday, December 15, to win a pair of Minnetonka mocs or slippers of their choice! 



Round 1 – November 28-December 7 at 4pm CST: The initial voting period featuring all store display entries will be open from November 28 to December 7 ending at 4pm CST. Store displays with the  most comments within this blog post will move on to the Final round.

Final Voting Round – December 10-14 at 4pm CST: The top three stores with the most votes from Round 1 will move on to the final voting period.  Finalists will be featured on the Minnetonka blog and Facebook page. The final store display entry that receives the most votes on both Facebook and the Minnetonka “Finalists” blog post will win. The Holiday Display winning store AND winning voter will be announced on Saturday, December 15.


Display 1: Thompson Shoes of Waverly, Iowa. Top styles on their Minnetonka wish list include the Mukluk High Boot, Cally Slipper and Bootie with concho.

Display 2: Hitch 'N Post of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The styles on their Minnetonka wish list this season include the Cally Slipper in chocolate suede, Suede Skimmer Moc in dusty brown and the Chrissy Bootie in chocolate suede!

Display 3: Cornblooms of Madison, Wisconsin. At Cornblooms their Minnetonka wish list features the 3-Layer Fringe Boot in brown, Kilty Leopard Moc and the Cally Slipper in grey.

Display 4: Broken Arrow Trading Company with locations in Hill City & Keystone South Dakota. Their Minnetonka wish list features styles including the Chrissy Bootie in chocolate brown, Double Fringe Side Zip Boot in grey and the classic Thunderbird Softsole in brown.

Display 5: Hopperton’s Moccasin & Gift Shop of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Their display is 'Fringe All the Way' but on their wish list this year popular styles include the Cassie Slipper in hot pink, Cally Slipper in navy and Calf Hi 2-Layer Fringe Boot in brown.

Display 6: William James Leather of Minocqua, Wisconsin features a moccasin tree and shoe box houses. All they want for this holiday season are Minnetonka boots! Ankle, short, tall, fringe, tramper or sheepskin!

Display 7: Family Footwear Center of Lake George, New York. At the top of their Minnetonka wish list this season? A pair of Pile Lined Hardsoles, Kilty Mocs and Moosehide Classic Mocs.

Display 8: Grandpa Shorter's of Petoskey, Michigan. Grandpa Shorter's Minnetonka wish list features styles such as the Kilty Moc in grey, 3-Layer Fringe Boot in black and Short Sheepskin Pug Boot.

Display 9: Suburban Shoe Center of Bristol, Virginia. This year on their wish list is a pair of Moosehide Classic Mocs for men and women!

Display 10: Nokomis Shoe Shop of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Featuring a festive feast of Minnetonka styles on their wish list including Kilty Mocs in every color, a pair of Calf Hi 3-Layer Fringe Boots and El Paso Mocs.

Display 11: Covered Bridge Gift Shop of Frankenmuth, Michigan. On their Minnetonka wish list this year? Moc, boots and slippers!

Display 12: The Cowboy Shop of Pinedale, Wyoming and their sleigh full of slippers and mocs. The top three Minnetonka styles on their wish list include Sheepskin Softsole Mocs, Double Deerskin Softsoles and Children's 3-Layer Fringe Boots in brown!

Display 13: Winnebago Gift Shop of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. On their Minnetonka wish list styles include Cally Slippers in grey, Double Fringe Side Zip Boots in brown and a pair of Full Leopard Mocs!

Display 14: Crock and Rocker of Michigamme, Michigan. On their Minnetonka wish list this year styles include Fringe Boots, Leopard Mocs and Minnetonka sandals for summer!

Display 15: Needful Things of Chaska, MN. This season Needful Thing's Minnetonka wish list includes pairs of Calf Hi 3-Layer Fringe Boots, Cally Slippers and Chrissy Booties!

Display 16: Sportman's Outlet in Bradford, PA. The top items on the wish list at Sportsman's include the Chrissy Bootie,the Casey Slipper and the Short Pug Boot!

Display 17: The Indian Teepee Gift Shop, Bolton Landing, NY. The items on the top of their wishlist this year are the 5-Layer Fringe Boot, Woodstock Boot, and the Sheepskin Tramper Boot!


Display 18: Funky Munky of Lake in the Hills, IL with a display made of tree slices. The 5 Layer Fringe Boot, Cally Slipper and Mukluk Hi Boot top their wish list this year!

Display 19: Footloose of Sanibel, Florida.

Display 20: Terry's Ranch and Home Supply of Pagosa Springs, CO.

770 comments on “Minnetonka 1st Annual Holiday Display Contest

  1. #2!!! Great job Hitch’n Post crew! Such friendly employees and owners. What a great idea to put the display at the front of the store so it is the first thing you see as you walk in the door! Great job girls!

  2. I love the window display, from Grandpa Shorter’s of Petoskey, Michigan, #8. I’ve always loved window shopping, so this really brought back the memories. Great job Grandpa Shorter’s!

  3. I love the window display, from Grandpa Shorter’s of Petoskey, Michigan, #8. I’ve always loved window shopping, so this really brought back the memories. Great job Grandpa Shorter’s!

  4. Keeping in mind that the display is also supposed to reflect the store, my vote goes to number 2, Hitch’n post! Way to tell your story of a small town, home-y store!

  5. Love #2 the Hitch’n Post in Aberdeen, SD Looks great. Makes a person want to sit down and try on Minnetonka Mocs. Great job!!!!!

  6. Voting for display #2 – The Hitch’N Post. Nice to see a display set up specifically for Christmas and as a total scene, rather than just adding some ornaments to an already existing one. Also, love the slinking cowboy and hats on the trees. Good work!

  7. I vote for #2, the Hitch’n Post. They must have spent a lot of time putting this together. I especially like the “homemade fireplace” with flames.


  9. #17….Wow! What a beautiful display. Really wants you to buy one of every style and color. As I sit here in my shearling slippers, I wish everyone a Minnetonka Christmas.

  10. I like #17! Makes me want to purchase one of each for everyone in the family. I have been a customer of the Indian Tepee for more than 50 years. My son makes several trips in and out of the Tepee when he visits our area. Their window displays draw him, and thosands of others in to buy this brand. Their displays will win daily window displays! Rock on Indian Tepee!!!

  11. great design ( as always in this store) great place to shop, lots of great merchandise at great prices year round. we are from Ohio, and always stop here.

    family operated, very nice people, very accomodating. gifts from baby to adult, always makes me smile.

  12. As far as I’m concerned #17 obliterates the competition!!! I mean seriously, they’re selling moccasins utilizing an Indian who way back in history made these by hand! Can’t get any better than that!

  13. I love the Christmas tree and Indian together on display #17….perfect mix between Christmas holiday and associating the Indian with the moccasins is pure genius!

  14. #17, The Indian Tepee, gets my vote. Traditional presentation, incorporating American Indians into the Christmas holiday theme. Tasteful and true to the origin of the moccasin. It makes me want to rush over and buy several pairs! Well done, Indian Tepee!

  15. #17 Indian TeePee in Bolton Landing has my vote, shows the relationship between the Indians and the Moccasins, as well as theTree showing people wishing for them at Christmas. This took a lot of thought and preperation. Hands down my vote…………

    • #17 Excellent display, courteous and professional personnel and knowledgeable…..Large selection…..Always friendly customer service…

  16. I vote for the Indian Tepee Gift Shop in Bolton Landing, NY #17- A great place to visit-Beautiful variety of great gifts!!

  17. I love display #2. It gets me all giddy and in the holiday spirit. Just looking at this picture I can smell the mixture of peppermint and suede in the room:)

  18. #8 wins for me because it makes me feel warm & fuzzy. Just like aIll of mmy Minnetonka Moccasins have all my life!

  19. #2! I like the fringe boots as stockings, the shoe boxes as presents, and it makes me want to sit on the rug in front of the fire trying on comfy mocs!

  20. I vote for Display #6, I think they did a wonderful job, the shoe box houses were a great ideal, I can see it says have a Wonderful Minnetonka Holiday season, from our house to yours. Nice

  21. I choose #16 Sportsman outlet is the only store to get minnetonka from here to pittsburgh.very creative display. tell your friends

  22. # 16 looks great. These guys have wonderful displays all thru the year. great people. We live in Ohio and stop every time we go thru. wonderful prices. Keep up the good work. I lovey my Minnetonka sandals

  23. My favorite is
    Display 18: Funky Munky of Lake in the Hills, IL with a display made of tree slices. The 5 Layer Fringe Boot, Cally Slipper and Mukluk Hi Boot top their wish list this year

  24. Since we don’t all live in the frozen north; it’s great to see the sunny side of Minnetonka!Highly imaginative display.

  25. My Vote is for Display 18: Funky Munky
    of Lake in the Hills, IL
    This store is the Best!
    Their display is warm and inviting and I love the Tree Slices! Very natural looking display. Perfect for Christmas! It’s like a Chritmas Tree made of Fantastic Quality Minnetona moccasins!!

  26. My vote is for #18 Funky Monkey.
    Love the natural wood slices and the attention to detail. The cute little bear really tops it off. ;) Great way to showcase some awesome footwear.

  27. so hard to choose! there are 3 clear choices to me, but I think #10 was very creative (even though it is not a winter display)

  28. I loved the sweet ‘Thanksgiving table setting’
    Display 10: Nokomis Shoe Shop of Minneapolis, Minnesota. So grateful for my Minnetonkas!!!

  29. I vote for Display #6 in the final. I love the little train around the tree, and I am so happy to see the fringe bags displayed. Those are hard to find in the stores around here :)

  30. #18 -Funky Munky of Lake in the Hills, IL FOR SURE…. The Tree Slices are perfect to display moccasins in my opinion. It draws the eye to the display and is unique!!! Very Cool!

  31. My vote is for Display 18: Funky Munky of Lake in the Hills, IL!!
    such a wonderful display, capturing the balance of energy between the earth and soul.

  32. There are some great ones I feel bad I can’t vote for, but I was immediately taken with #10, since there is an interesting concept with a good composition, without looking cluttered. I can clearly view the different styles in an aesthetically pleasing way. Plus I love food, so now they’re associating the product with something I love (not that I don’t love presents.) Plus it still makes me want to look closer and try something on.

  33. I love #10 – Nokomis Shoe shop. I used to live right in that neighborhood so want to support them, and that is such a creative idea!

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