Store Spotlight: Alice’s Wonderland

Minnetonka Store Spotlight: Alice’s Wonderland 1581 Route 6 Greeley, PA 18425

Today meet owners, Jenn & PJ Karpiak, along with their family Matt, Jane and John, in our Q&A and learn more about Alice’s Wonderland of Greeley, Pennsylvania!

What’s your Minnetonka story?
We are a family owned, year-round, outdoor specialty store, that has been in business since 1941. Greeley, Pennsylvania is a seasonal resort area, but our store’s main focus is on work apparel and footwear, which has included Minnetonka since October 1982!

What is your favorite pair of Minnetonka mocs?
Currently my favorite pair are the Feather Mocs, but I also like all of the bright colors in the Boat and Kilty Mocs.

What is the most popular Minnetonka style in your store?
Currently the most popular style is the Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper, with many of the other cozy slipper styles in a close second for popularity.

How do you like to style your Minnetonka mocs or boots?
We have several areas in the store where we like to showcase various moccasin and sandal styles outfitted on our mannequins, as well as displayed in our footwear department.

What are a few must see destinations near your store?
A few of our favorite must-see destinations near Alice’s Wonderland include –
Shohola Falls Recreation area featuring beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails; and Lake Wallenpaupack which is a 13 mile long man-made lake that offers swimming, fishing, power boating and sailing!

Also near us is Promised Land State Park – perfect for hiking and camping, along with the Delaware River which has become very popular for bald eagle watching, and is also great for rafting and tubing in the summertime.

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