Store Spotlight: Covered Bridge Gift & Leather Shop

Covered Bridge Gift & Leather Shop located in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

So many Minnetonka styles to choose from!

The Holze-Brucke bridge, a Frankenmuth Landmark.


Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Covered Bridge Gift & Leather Shop  775 S Main Street Frankenmuth, Michigan

Covered Bridge Gift and Leather Shop is located in the German themed town, known as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” Frankenmuth, Michigan.  The store is owned and operated by the William “Tiny Zehnder family, who introduced the Alpine architecture to the City of Frankenmuth in 1968.

Covered Bridge Gift and Leather Shop is a bustling store of 3,723 square feet, and is currently one of the 100+ specialty stores in Frankenmuth, which hosts nearly 3 million visitors each year.

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Covered Bridge Gift and Leather Shop, is known for its selection of leather goods including belts, hats, purses, and footwear, and of course our wide selection of Minnetonka products. We have enjoyed working with Minnetonka for nearly 20 years!

Guests return year after year for the latest Minnetonka styles.  Our customers love the look, feel, excellent quality and comfort of Minnetonka products.  Currently, our selection of Minnetonka makes up 105 square feet of our store and includes moccasins, sandals, slippers, and boots for men, women and children.

What is a ‘must see’ destination when visiting Frankenmuth, Michigan?
The Covered Bridge Gift and Leather Shop derived its name from its close proximity to a Frankenmuth Landmark, known as the “Holz-Brucke.” A 230 ton Town Lattice style wooden covered bridge which was built in 1979 by the William “Tiny” Zehnder Family.  The Holz-Brucke, the largest wooden covered bridge built in the 20th century, spans the Cass River and provides access for cars, busses, and pedestrians. The bridge is one of the most photographed and uploaded sites in Frankenmuth and has found its way into the pictures of thousands of visitors over the years and has been the location of many weddings.  The history and construction of the bridge can be viewed daily in the Covered Bridge Gift and Leather Shop.

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