Store Spotlight: Minnetonka Namba Parks

The Minnetonka Namba Parks store in Osaka, Japan

So many fun styles and colors to choose from!

Which style is your favorite?

Store manager Kozue Inaba and a fellow employee both excited to discuss the latest Minnetonka styles available this season!

Store Spotlight:  Minnetonka Namba Parks Store

Newly opened this past March, we are excited to spotlight the Minnetonka Namba Parks store of Osaka, Japan.  Find out a little more about the Namba Parks store in our Q&A with store manager Kozue Inaba!

What is your Minnetonka story?
I own about 30 pairs of Minnetonka mocs and boots,  so I am always happy to share my Minnetonka expertise with our customers. It is such a fun experience to be able to inform them about the different Minnetonka styles so they leave our store excited about the variety of products.

What is the most popular Minnetonka style at the Namba Parks store?
The most popular style in our store is definitely the Kilty Suede Moc in brown, a very classic and chic style.

What is your favorite pair of Minnetonka boots to wear and how do you like to style them?
My favorite pair are the Double Fringe Side Zip Boots in wine. It is definitely this fall’s fashion color! I like to wear my Minnetonka boots usually with a tailored shirt and a pair of pleated pants, a very menswear inspired look.

What is a ‘must see’ destination when visiting Osaka?
There is a well-established boutique called “ROCKS” in Kita-horie. I basically buy all my clothes there that I like to style with my Minnetonka mocs.

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