Store Spotlight: Moose Creek

Moose Creek of Estes Park, Colorado

So many fun fringe styles to choose from!

It's always fun to check out Moose Creek's wide variety of hats, boots and mocs

Randy Martin and Moose Creek's Minnetonka selection displayed over an entire wall in the store!

Minnetonka Store Spotlight:  Moose Creek 125 Moraine Avenue  Estes Park, CO

Today we are excited to spotlight Moose Creek of Estes Park, Colorado.  Check out our Q&A with owner Randy Martin to learn more about Moose Creek and their Minnetonka story!

What is your Minnetonka story?
We’ve happily carried Minnetonka products in our stores for the past 8 years.  Our business is seasonal, and open from May to October, during our season customers are always excited to stop in and see the variety of Minnetonka styles we offer displayed on an entire wall of our store. Especially during the summer months of July and August, Minnetonka mocs are always a popular selection!

What is the most popular Minnetonka style at Moose Creek?
The most popular Minnetonka style at Moose Creek is definitely the Kilty Moc.  Our customers love that it is available in 10 different colors.  Personally my favorite style is the Moosehide Moc since it lends itself well to the casual lifestyle in Estes.

What are a few fun things to do when visiting Estes Park, Colorado?
Estes Park is an incredible place.  Activities include hiking, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, shopping and a variety of restaurants to choose from.  The world famous Stanley Hotel is also located in Estes Park, where Stephen King wrote The Shining.


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