Minnetonka Wedding Style

Recently we spotted these lovely photographs taken by Cacá Santoro of Aleece and Tony’s beautiful, free spirited wedding in Moab, Utah.

We adore the chic wedding day look Aleece created pairing her Front Lace Knee Hi Boots with her wedding dress and coordinating her Minnetonka style with each of her six bridesmaids, all wearing their Front Lace Knee Hi Boots as well.

For further details and photos from Aleece and Tony’s special day visit Wedding Chicks.

All photos courtesy of Cacá Santoro Photography.

One comment on “Minnetonka Wedding Style

  1. Okay- i was skeptical as I was reading, but then I saw the photos and thought, “Oh, wow, that’s actually amazingly cute!” I never would have paired the knee high boots with a wedding dress, but it ‘worked’. Gorgeous photos, by the way-what an awesome wedding!

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