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Discover new music to love. Go Back Roads & Backstage with us as we accompany a few of our favorite musicians on tour as they navigate the back roads of America and provide a backstage glimpse of life on the road.

All this month crank up the tunes and hit the slopes with a behind-the-scenes look at The Wild Honey Pie’s On the Mountain featuring Modern Rivals, Magic Man, The Orwells, Wilsen and Tei Shi.

How did Modern Rivals form?
We’re friends that met in various ways – high school, college, working in a studio. Some of us had played in bands together before, so when we all ended up in Brooklyn we formed a band.

Which artists or bands inspire you?
This is a constantly changing thing for us. But I’d say we gravitate most towards artists who are masterful arrangers and use innovative palettes. And the songwriting has to be good too, of course!

What’s your favorite city to play?
New York! But we’ve had great experiences elsewhere too.

What’s been your most memorable performance so far?
Our record release show at Glasslands. There was such great energy in the room that night and it was also our last time playing the venue. RIP.

What are a few must-haves when you’re on the road?
Cassette adapter, spare tire (learned this the hard way), patience

Best roadside diner or local food joint you’ve enjoyed while on tour?
We had incredible, massive po’boys near Mobile, Alabama.

Favorite moment from On The Mountain?
Our gondola shoot! The first and most likely last time we’ll get to perform while flying up a mountain.

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Back Roads & Backstage with Nikki Lane

Since 1946 Minnetonka’s distinct style has been woven through the music scene of the moment. From the free-spirited style of the ‘60s Woodstock movement to the Urban Cowboy trend of the ‘80s, today Minnetonka is a fashionable fixture on the music scene.

Fusing our love of discovering new music and the adventure of hitting the open road (in our mocs of course!) we are excited to introduce our latest music series Back Roads & Backstage.

With Back Roads & Backstage we look forward to accompanying a few of our favorite musicians on tour as they navigate the back roads of America and provide a backstage glimpse of life on the road.

So crank up the tunes and hit the open road with a behind-the-scenes look at singer-songwriter Nikki Lane on tour now with her new album All or Nothin’.

Nikki’s sultry, honest and modern vocals combine with gritty old-school country and a splash of rock for a sound that’s 100% unique.   

Loving Nikki’s free-spirited album and sense of adventure, we met up with her for a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest album All Or Nothin’?
All the life I’ve been living. There’s plenty that goes on in the life of a woman working her way through a career in country music. For me, the influence is all over my work.

Describe the story behind the song “Wild One.”
It’s funny because this is actually a song I wrote about being in a fight with the girl who is photographing the story for Minnetonka. A perfect example that as an artist you can go deep down a path to find a storyline much more dramatic than how it went in real life. After all, she and I are out here on the open road together as we speak.

Nikki’s passion for fashion is intertwined with her love of country music. She runs a pop-up vintage clothing store and uses her road trips to hunt for one-of-a-kind finds.
What’s your favorite part about being on the road?
The antiques. I stop as often as time will allow. And space. The band is always begging me to stop buying. After all, there’s only so much room in the van.
What are a few must-haves when you’re on the road?
I have a strict one bag policy for my band mates, simply because I need five. Comfy shoes like my Deerskin Soft-T mocs, as well as a good bag of toiletries and two or three t-shirts is all I really “must have,” but I seem to bring about a hundred other things. After all, who wants to be stuck without a sewing box, power drill or down pillow?

What’s your favorite city to play?
The small ones. Where music lovers flourish. The big cities have great venues, but often times the crowds barely move.

Describe your on-stage and off-stage style.
On stage I try to be a little dolled up. After all, we’ve probably been in the car since morning. So I’ll curl my hair and put on some boots and a skirt. On the road and just day to day I like to keep it casual, almost tomboyish. With a fitted t-shirt, high waisted jeans and a shoe that I don’t have to tie. That’s how I fell in love with Minnetonka in the first place.

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