DIY Project: Leather Attachments

Boot season is officially here! Add a little edge to your pair of Back Zipper Boots with these simple (and cute!) leather attachments created by Liz from Cotton & Curls, studs optional!

Minnetonka Back Zipper Boots
Leather or faux leather (mine is faux from the upholstery section)
2 Buttons
Needle and thread
Glue (I used fabric mod podge)
Scissors and (optional) exacto knife
Studs (optional)

Step 1. Cut around 3.5 to 5 feet of leather material per shoe about 1/3″ to 3/4″ apart.

Step 2. I had to cut shorter pieces that were about 2 feet long, so I needed to glue (or you can sew) together strips to make 3.5 to 5 feet long. Make 2 strips of 3.5 to 5 foot long piece, one for each shoe.

Step 3. Wrap the strips around your shoes and make it the length you want, leaving enough overlap for the button and the button hole. Sew on a button to one end, and slice a few button holes with scissors or an exacto knife on the other end. Done!

Step 4. Optional: You can add studs to the straps to add a little more edge or character! Do this by puncturing little holes into the strips where the prongs of the studs will go, then push them down on the other side.

Handcrafted with Love: Pattern Anthology

With a strong appreciation of handcraftsmanship and detailed design, Minnetonka was excited for the opportunity to partner with the talented designers of Pattern Anthology for their Winter Wonderland Collection.

Pattern Anthology, comprised of four independent pattern designers, teamed up to create a handcrafted collection of eight children’s patterns perfect for the cooler temps of the season.

Inspired by crisp cool air, warm holiday baking, sparkling lights and cozy winter evenings – the four designers, Melly Sews, Go to Patterns, Shwin & Shwin and See Kate Sew, collaborated for over four months to perfect their children’s patterns ensuring that each pattern complimented the next in order to create the ultimate winter collection.

Visit Pattern Anthology for more details on this handcrafted Winter Wonderland collection and to see how each look was perfectly styled for the season with their favorite pairs of Minnetonka mocs!

DIY Project: How to Customize Your Classic Fringe Boots

Learn how to customize your Minnetonka Classic Fringe Boots in this fun and easy DIY tutorial created by Savannah from the blog Oh So Pretty the Diaries.  Plus find out how you can enter to win your own pair of Minnetonka boots to DIY on Oh So Pretty this week!

Supplies:  Minnetonka Classic Fringe Boots, Fabric, Glue, a Sponge Brush, Embroidery Needle, Embroidery Thread and Scissors

Step 1. Cut two big squares of fabric.

Step 2.  Place the fabric inside the moccasin and cut it into the shape of the tongue.

Step 3.  Cut the same shape into the other piece of fabric.

Step 4.  Brush glue onto the inside of the tongue.

Step 5.  Place your fabric on the glue and stitch around the edge with your needle and thread.

Step 6. Tie a knot to secure the thread and snip off the excess with scissors.

Step 7.  Repeat on the other moccasin.

Step 8.  Put them on your feet and dance!

For more adorable DIY ideas visit Oh So Pretty the Diaries!

DIY Project: Studded Suede Ankle Boots

We can’t wait to try this adorable DIY created by Casey from Oh So Pretty the Diaries! Check out Casey’s tutorial below on how to stud your favorite pair of Minnetonka boots and visit Oh So Pretty the Diaries for more fun DIY ideas.

Supplies: Minnetonka Suede Ankle Boots, 2-Prong Studs, Chalk, and an Xacto Knife.

Step 1. Use the chalk to mark where you want the studs to be.

Step 2. Use the Xacto knife to cut slits into the side of the shoes. This is where the prongs of the studs will fit. Be careful, it’s very easy to cut too much.

Step 3. Insert the stud.

Step 4. Fold the prongs inward.

Step 5. Repeat with as many studs as you would like!

Enter to win your own pair of Minnetonka boots to DIY on Oh So Pretty this week!

Blogger Spotlight: Story of My Life

Blogger Spotlight:  Jenni of Story of My Life

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?
Casual chic. I’m not too fancy. I like to be comfortable above all else!

Whose style inspires you?
I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, Pinterest, and of course my favorite brands (like J. Crew and Madewell!)

What’s your favorite trend this season?
Overall I just love the colors that are out this season. Earth tones! My favorite! I love all the hunter green and deep burgundy.

What song do you currently have on repeat?
Demons by Imagine Dragons

What’s your favorite city and why?
New York City. I don’t think this really needs TOO much explanation. It’s only THE MOST AMAZING CITY IN THE WORLD. Besides that, my hometown of Austin, TX isn’t half bad either. Why? So many fun activities here, an active lifestyle, great food, nice people… and just enough quirk to keep it interesting.

My Minnetonka must-have item is…Every color of the Deerskin Soft T mocs, they are so incredibly comfy!

Visit Story of My Life this week and find out how you can enter to win one of the mocs Jenni styled!

Minnetonka product styled by Jenni: Deerskin Soft T Mocs, El Paso Suede Mocs, Boat Mocs.