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Behind the Limited Edition Splash Collection

Back to school just got more fun! As we head into fall, we are excited to present the Minnetonka x Free Range Mama Splash Collection, a limited edition line designed by Lindsay Stewart.  With our shared appreciation for creativity and hand craftsmanship, this is our second partnership with Free Range Mama, who adds an artistic spin to two best-selling styles. 

Not only do we love the playful look of the line, but we are also thrilled to launch a campaign to help support teachers and students across the United States. Read below to get an inside look about the collection and this month-long campaign.

About the Campaign

The Free Range Mama Splash Collection was designed with kids in mind. For every online purchase throughout the month of August, Minnetonka is donating $1 to

In addition, 10% of the proceeds from the Minnetonka x Free Range Mama Splash collection will also go toward funding 50 classroom projects across the country, with a maximum of $15,000 to be donated to the organization. The website allows teachers to post requests for tools, materials, and experiences for their students, and then contributors can select the project they’d like to support. A cool way to do your back to school shopping while also supporting education!

About the Artist

Lindsay Stewart is an entrepreneur, designer, mom, and Creative Director at Free Range Mama. The Washington State native began Free Range Mama after the birth of her son. Her hand-painted moccasins became a sensation, enjoyed by celebrity clients as well as people all over the world. She currently lives in New York with her husband and two sons.

Lindsay has a passion for encouraging people through her work. She founded the Paint Shop, a series of classroom workshops where kids have the opportunity to make wearable art. “I wanted to help young kids identify what makes each of us feel happy and celebrate these qualities by exploring different art forms,” says Lindsay. “Transferring these artistic preferences to wearable art, each child uses her own pair of Minnetonka Moccasins and a vast selection of paints, metallics and glitter, and teaches kids about individuality and helps demonstrate how each of us is one-of-a-kind.” 

About the Collection

With the Splash Collection, children’s free-spirited creativity was once again a source of inspiration for Lindsay, as well as the teachers who emboldened her to trust in herself. “This back to school collection is inspired by watching kids' confidence grow as they create joyfully from their heart, without boundaries,” says Stewart. “A child's creative expression should be celebrated – their unique, personal reflection encouraged.”

Free Range Mama hand painted two of Minnetonka’s popular styles using a splatter technique with water-based acrylic paint. The first is the Splash Fringe Boot for kids, which enhances the Double Fringe Size Zip boot with colorful painted patterns.

Adults can join in the fun too! If you love the slide-on Gabi sneaker, you’ll love the Free Range Mama – Splash Gabi, which comes in black and taupe and also features the vibrant, hand-painted application. Both styles celebrate children’s imaginations and their joyful spirit. The collection is for boys, girls, active parents, those who want to make a “splash” with their street style, and for anyone who wants to give back to classrooms.