Best Sheepskin Slippers for Men & Women | Minnetonka Moccasin

‘Tis the season for sheepskin slippers! If you’ve never owned a pair, now’s the perfect season to try them out. The amazingly soft lining is a treat to sink feet into. Because they’re so luxurious, they’re also welcomed holiday gifts. To find your next pair, we gathered the best sheepskin slippers for men and women below. 


Sheepskin-lined slippers offer more support and durability than the average slipper. The material has a crimped quality that creates a plush cushion and evenly distributes pressure. For the slippers listed below, we use the highest quality. Sheepskin lining doesn’t flatten out, instead it stays fluffy and intact. 

Best of all, it keeps feet warm and snug. A natural material, it absorbs moisture, creates air circulation, and allows feet to breathe. You’re left with a cozy, cloud-like feel with every step. 


Alpine Sheepskin Moc

The Alpine Sheepskin Moc fully covers the foot in softness. The coziness continues with a fluffy sheepskin-trimmed collar. The winter slippers are lightweight and wonderful for lounging at home on chilly days. Enhance your morning routine by having these by your bed.

Sheepskin Ankle Boot

If you dream of wearing your slippers outside, try the Sheepskin Ankle Boot. It features the Sierra sole, which is designed for indoor and outdoor wear. For extra versatility, you have the option to roll the collar up for extra warmth, or roll down to reveal the chic trim. The women’s sheepskin slippers are handy to have when running out for last-minute errands, or taking a leisurely Saturday trip to the local farmer’s market.

Sheepskin Softsole Moc

Try a pair of softsole moccasins with the Sheepskin Softsole Moc. It features rawhide lacing and stitching like a classic moc, but contains the fluffy lining inside. With a flexible sole, it’s a wonderful house shoe or dorm shoe. You’ll stay comfortable whether you’re completing chores on hardwood floors or relaxing with Netflix.


Sheepskin Hardsole

This versatile slipper has a moccasin design and can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Providing lasting comfort, the Sheepskin Hardsole is handmade with high-quality suede. It’s a reliable slipper that’s a delight to slip into at the end of a busy day.

Sheepskin Moose Slipper

Made with genuine moosehide, the Sheepskin Moose Slipper is smooth and sleek. It covers the foot, offering warmth from heel to toe. The luxurious shoe not only provides supreme comfort, but the classy design also makes a great look when welcoming guests at home.

Experience the exceptional comfort of sheepskin. Thick and warm, the lining provides a soft step, and we use the highest quality product. We listed our best sheepskin slippers, but you can find even more slippers to cozy up to here.