Blogger Spotlight: Tea Talk

Chelsea of Tea Talk in her Minnetonka Leopard Kilty mocs

Chelsea's Minnetonka must-have for summer, a pair of Deerskin Soft T mocs in champagne

A cute summer look styled with a pair of Minnetonka Double Fringe Tramper boots

Blogger Spotlight:  Chelsea of Tea Talk

What’s your Minnetonka story?
Growing up I could always be found in a pair of Minnetonka moccasins. From a small child, through my teenage years, and into my twenties, my Minnetonka mocs have always been a part of who I am. Today I own my fair share of mocs, either purchased locally or from tiny ski shops in the Western slope of Colorado, and truly adore each and every pair.

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?
Classy and eclectic!

Whose style inspires you?
I find myself always being really inspired by the wears of my fellow Phoenix residents – so many of them have such amazing style! I also find Phoenix as a city to be very inspiring, with its unique culture and historic buildings, as well as a few of my favorite personal style bloggers and friends alike who share a similar passion for life, iced coffee, and fashion.

What’s your favorite trend this season?
This season I’m all about the black and white trend. Black and white have always been staple colors in my wardrobe, but I love all of the great blouses, dresses, and pants I have been seeing in this perfect color combo lately.

What song do you currently have on repeat?
Currently, I can’t stop listening to Breakers by Local Natives. Their whole second album, Hummingbird, has been on repeat in my car for months now.

What’s your favorite city and why?
I may be a bit biased, but honestly Phoenix is my favorite city. This ever-growing city has one of the most unique cultures, diverse groups of people, and the most kind hearted folks I’ve ever come across. I’m so lucky to call this place home.

My Minnetonka must-have item is…the Deerskin Soft-T moc in champagne! I love the color, the softness of the leather, and how versatile they are. I could wear them with a sundress and a floppy hat on a hot summers day, or with some skinny jeans and a delicate blouse for a night out on the town. They really go with everything!

Visit Tea Talk today and enter to win a pair of mocs to style this summer!

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