Camp Shoes: Comfortable and Lightweight Camping Shoes | Minnetonka Moccasin

Get ready to gear up for outdoor fun. Camping trips are refreshing to the soul and an opportunity to bond with family or friends. When putting together your checklist, don’t forget to bring along camping shoes. While high-performance sneakers or heavy-duty boots are necessary for hiking and more strenuous exploring, you’ll also need camp shoes to let your feet recover. These are what you’ll want for going out and about your tent or cabin, taking light walks, or relaxing by the campsite. Below you’ll find lightweight camp shoes to bring along on your next outdoor adventure.


When getting away from it all, the women’s Kilty Hardsole makes life easy for travelers and campers. Easy to slip on and lightweight, the moccasins come in handy when you’re walking in and out of your tent or including in your backpack. After a day of activities, your feet can relax in comfy shoes constructed with soft suede and flexible soles. You’ll be all set to sit by the campfire to make those s’mores.


Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you can’t bring in a touch of style. Whether you’re in a mountain, forest, or desert setting, these genuine deerskin moccasins look and feel luxurious. The toe is embellished with metallic gold beading and topped with rawhide lacing. Slide on these comfortable shoes for a sunrise yoga stretch or an evening sharing songs and stories.


The P.W. Driving Moc has an incredible texture that you have to experience to believe. Handcrafted, they are made with high-quality Horween leather. With a nub-patterned sole for grip, these can work as light trekking shoes when you’re collecting wood or when cooking up some campfire burgers. The black is versatile, and you can choose among different-colored lacing options.


When traveling to your destination, it’s helpful to have shoes suitable for driving instead of bulky hiking boots. Enjoy a comfy ride with the P.W. Driving Loafer with leather accents. After a day of exploring, grab these for reading time or guitar playing at the campsite. Featuring rich, full-grain leather and a padded insole, the camp shoes are ideal for relaxation.

If you are looking for more coverage also check out our men’s boots and women’s boots. They offer some extra foot protection or warmth when setting up camp or spending the night stargazing. If your camping adventure is marking an anniversary or birthday, our selections would also make a thoughtful gift for your outdoor-loving family member or friend.