DIY Project: How to Create Bold Embellished Boots

Minnetonka DIY Project by Courtney Kennedy of Always Rooney

Learn how to create bold embellished boots in this fun and colorful DIY created by Courtney Kennedy of Always Rooney! 

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Supplies: Minnetonka Suede Ankle Boots, scrap pieces of colored leather, round studs, leather glue, scissors, paper and pen


1. Begin by folding your paper in half and drawing one side of the shape of your choice. Courtney chose a geometric aztec shape, as well as a diamond. Unfold the paper and cut around the lines. This will be your guide for cutting leather.

2. Trace shape on back of leather and cut.

3. Lay out leather in a pattern and glue with leather glue.

4. Finish by folding the prongs to the stud and glue to shoe. This adds a perfect subtle accent.


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