Embracing the Comfort of Hygge Style


The “hygge” lifestyle has taken the world by storm in recent years. Many have responded to hygge’s values of comfort, coziness, and well-being. It’s all the more appealing with its connotations of equality, togetherness, and safety. The Danish concept can be applied to your home, your mindset, and even your wardrobe. Learn more about what hygge is all about, and some shoes that will induce some snuggly hygge vibes.


The Danish pronunciation of hygge sounds like “hoo-ga.” While Americans are catching on, it’s long been a deep and valued part of Danish culture. According to Denmark’s tourism site, hygge roughly translates to “cosiness,” but the concept goes beyond one word. The term also includes feelings of contentment, well-being, community, and appreciating nature. Hygge is the comfy way you feel when nestling in fuzzy blankets, drinking a cup of hot tea, gathering with friends for a home-cooked meal, or enjoying the flickering glow of candlelight. It’s mindful relaxation, taking time out from the pressures of the world and being present with loved ones. To learn more about hygge, check out Meik Wiking’s bestselling book, The Little Book of Hygge. As CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Wiking pulled together his research to create this definitive intro to hygge.

Get into the spirit of hygge by savoring the moment and enjoying simple luxuries. Find a few cozy indulgences below.



Torrey Boot

Torrey is a snuggly boot that you’ll instantly feel comfortable in. The suede and ragg wool boot would complement wool socks or sweater leggings. Inside, Torrey is lined with soft pile. It features a heavy tread rubber sole, so you can take them out with you to the apple orchard.

Alpine Sheepskin Moc

You’ll want to hibernate all winter long with these sheepskin slippers. The Alpine Sheepskin Moc is fully lined and extends over the collar for a distinctive, fluffy look. Slide these on, wrap up in your favorite plush throw, and cuddle up with the book you’ve been meaning to read.


Cally is a slipper moc with the extra treat of pile lining. The outer is constructed with suede, rawhide lacing, and a soft, flexible sole. On chilled mornings, it’s a delight to have this slipper by your bedside. Wear to enjoy that first cup of tea, or to spend time with the family.


Chesney warms you up as soon as you sink your toes into the plush pile interior. Made with a flexible EVA sole, you can step outside without having to change your shoes. Hygge is all about comfortable clothing. Pair Chesney with an oversized sweater when meeting a friend for piping hot lattes.


Chrissy is a full-coverage slipper bootie that wraps feet with pile lining. The lining also accents the collar, keeping ankles warm. Wear them while lounging by the fireplace or when baking goodies for friends. You'll love having Chrissy around to ward off the coldness of hard kitchen floors.


Feel like you're stepping into two clouds. Dina features a memory foam insole for extra comfort and support. Slide into these full-fluff berber house slippers when you’re working on your latest knitting project.



Sheepskin Ankle Boot

Indulge in these soft boots. The Sheepskin Ankle Boot is quality crafted and offers lots of plush comfort. With the adjustable collar, you can roll up for warmth or roll down to reveal the sheepskin accent. These pull on easily if you’re headed out to the garage for your woodworking hobbies.

Sheepskin Hardsole Moc

Constructed with supple suede, the Sheepskin Hardsole Moc is a cozy slipper with a classic moccasin silhouette. The Sierra hardsole makes it equipped for the outdoors, while the sheepskin interior keeps feet warm and snug. Take these men’s moccasins out for a walk or along on a cabin getaway.

Sheepskin Moose Slipper

Enjoy the luxury of the Sheepskin Moose Slipper. Choose from three handsome leather colorways. All feature plush sheepskin lining. The genuine moosehide provides soft but durable comfort. For an at-home date night, pair with a sweater for an evening of mulled wine and hearty stew.


The Allen is an exceptionally comfortable indoor/outdoor suede slipper. It features fluffy Berber lining and trim, along with a padded insole for extra comfort. Wear a pair to venture outside or to relax at home with Sigur Rós vinyls.

Introduce hygge into your life. You don’t have to travel to Denmark to experience simple pleasures, serene comfort, and a community of friends. Capture hygge with one of the mentioned slippers or discover more cozy offerings at Minnetonka.