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Capturing the adventurous spirit of the everyday. As simple as a backyard bonfire or as bold as a cross-country road trip our Everyday Adventure series celebrates the big and small adventures of everyday life. Today's post comes from Taylor and Elaine of Local Wanderer.

Local Wanderer

California’s Highway 1 is a classic American road trip, not much can top the turquoise waters and rolling hills of Big Sur! We recently took this trip with our friends from Get Lost With Us, and can't wait to share five of our favorite moments you’ll find between Los Angeles and San Francisco on this amazing ride.

Local Wanderer
Local Wanderer

Fresh snacks from The Farmstead
On our way up the coast from LA, we were happily surprised after an accidental exit led us to The Farmstead, a local farm that is pretty much a dream for anyone who likes organic produce, miniature donkeys or rolling hills.

Located between Santa Barbara and Buellton along Highway 101, The Farmstead stocks their barn every morning with freshly picked fruits and veggies that are sold on the ‘ole honor system. How cool is that?! Be sure to stop by to pick up some healthy road trip snacks, it doesn’t get much better than this! They only take cash, coins, or checks, so remember to come prepared because you are going to want to buy everything here.

Local Wanderer
Local Wanderer

Farm Animal Selfies
While you’re at The Farmstead, be sure to take advantage of the adorable farm animals! You’ll find chickens, pigs, miniature donkeys, llamas, and even two goats named Cornelius and Sebastian. There’s a bin with lettuce and veggies in the barn, so you can feed the animals and take selfies with them. Enjoy!

Local Wanderer goat farm
Local Wanderer donkey farm

Fuel Up at Scout Coffee
Everyday should start with the essentials: coffee and friends! San Luis Obispo’s Scout Coffeeis an awesome, local micro-roastery and the best cup of coffee you’ll find between Los Angeles and San Francisco, so be sure to fuel up here. In addition to great beans, they also have Bulleit whiskey-infused syrup for your latte!

Local Wanderer cafe coffee
Local Wanderer cafe coffee
Local Wanderer cafe coffee

Explore Big Sur!
One of the things we love most about doing the Big Sur road trip is the ease of it. It’s just one highway and one lane, but there’s endless adventures. You don’t need to be constantly looking at the map, you only need to be present. The road winds it way through beautiful scenery, and you’ll surely stop multiple times to take photos, breathe in the crisp, ocean air, or simply “smell the roses.”

When you need to stretch your legs a bit, McWay Waterfall Trail is a mini-hike where you can see the classic Big Sur waterfall. You can't go down to the beach (it's super illegal), but the trail does give you a nice view!

Big Sur beach minnetonka womens sandals
Big Sur beach womens minnetonka sandals
Big Sur beach womens minnetonka sandal
Big Sur beach
Local Wanderer minnetonka moccasin

Sandwiches from Big Sur Bakery
After all that exploring, you’re sure to be hungry and you cannot miss eating at Big Sur Bakery! To be honest, our entire trip rotated around when we would eat here, and all of their food is local and so delicious. It just doesn't get better than a glass of rosé on a patio in Big Sur. Just make sure you order something with bread though, because that’s their specialty!

Local Wanderer bakery restaurant
Local Wanderer cafe
Local Wanderer meal food restaurant

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Photography by Get Lost With and Local Wanderer

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