Minnetonka's Guide for Slipper Linings


Find Your Perfect Slipper

A guide to Minnetonka's most comfortable interior linings


It’s not always easy to find the perfect slipper, and deciding which type of interior lining is right for you can be overwhelming. To spare you the effort of researching and reading customer reviews that compare and contrast different materials, we went ahead and created this guide as an easy reference!


Whether you're looking for classic house shoes, cozy boots or trendy slipper slides, you’re sure to find a look and feel that's right for you with Minnetonka. Read the guide below to learn more about the benefits of our best slipper interiors!


The coziest interior lining across the board, sheepskin is the most luxurious, high-quality option you can buy. This all-natural slipper material naturally wicks away moisture for exceptional breathability and warmth – making it the perfect style to wear year-round as the seasons change. This super soft and plush lining makes a variety of Minnetonka’s bestsellers extra special – from classic mocs for men and women, to luxury slipper slides, to warm winter boots (and even cute little baby booties!)


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Sheepskin offers high-end comfort, but it’s also more expensive. Pile lining is a super soft alternative for those seeking cozy slippers on a budget, keeping feet extra warm and snug without breaking the bank. The majority of our bestselling classic slippers, slipper booties and Home & Away styles feature pile lining, so you have a wide variety of options to choose from across men’s, women’s and kids’ styles. Made from 100% polyester, pile lining is a man-made material – and though it may not breathe as well or offer the moisture-wicking capabilities of natural sheepskin, this lining is the best value if you’re looking for warmth and versatility without spending as much money.


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If you like extra fluffy statement slippers with lots of color options, our faux fur lining is for you. Made from 100% polyester with the same composition as pile lining, faux fur’s appearance is unique in that it has a little more height to its fluffiness – creating a richly soft look and feel for an extra “glam” slipper-wearing experience. You won’t find faux fur on many of the classic Minnetonka silhouettes or men’s slipper styles, but you can count on it making our trendy slipper slides for women extra cozy and fashion-forward every season.


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Not too fluffy, and not too flat – berber lining has a cozy, cloud-like texture that hits the sweet spot of slipper comfort. Despite being made from polyester, berber is not as dense as pile lining or faux fur, making your slipper wearing experience not quite so hot in the warmer months (and a bit more comfortable for all-day wear in-between seasons). This lining is featured in some of our favorite men’s Home & Away styles, as well as our Minnetonka Ecowise slipper collection. The berber in our eco line is made from plastic sourced from recycled water bottles – creating perfectly cozy AND eco-friendly slippers that are exactly as soft and warm as regular berber.


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Fleece is the timeless slipper lining that always looks classic – perfect for traditional slipper enthusiasts and plaid lovers alike. You won’t see fleece across much of the Minnetonka collection, but it will always have a starring role in some of our classic leather house shoes (which always make for great gifts around the holidays!) This lining is also the ideal option for those who don’t like furry or fluffy textures in their slippers. Despite being made from polyester, fleece’s composition is smooth and soft – creating a lightly cushioned interior that you can always count on for everyday wear.


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In the spring and summertime, many of us don’t want all the extra warmth created by cozy lined interiors and thick soles. That’s the perfect time to wear our better-than-barefoot unlined softsoles! Unlined softsoles are an ultra-light and more breathable house shoe choice for staying cool yet comfy during warmer weather. These classic mocs are silky soft to step into, while still providing a protective barrier that allows you to grip and feel the ground beneath you.


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