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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

The holidays are a festive and heart-warming time of year, but we all know how the costs add up. Not even counting the gifts, a small fortune is spent on wrapping, cards, decorations, and activities. Yet, you still want to show your family and friends that you are thinking about them with something special. Luckily, we have a gift guide under $50 featuring high-quality presents that won’t blow your budget.

Slippers and easy slip-on moccasins make amazing gifts because they’re useful, personal, and they symbolize wishes of well-being. Lifestyle blogger Krista Williams of The Hundred Blog shares why Minnetonka shoes make for a good personalized gift. “I always feel like when the holidays come around I draw a blank with creative ideas for gifts for the family. I want to give them something unexpected, that they'll use –  that's also unique to me.” Make your bank account jolly with these affordable options.

Kilty Hardsole

For an easy shopping solution, pick up a few pairs of the Kilty Hardsole. Krista has been a faithful wearer for years. “I was first introduced to Minnetonka in college, when I saw one of my now besties, Gemma wearing her moccasins and leggings to class. Ever since then, I've had a pair of the Kilty Hardsole, and worn them around the house, to and from class (in college) and now to workout classes. Plus anytime I want to mix up my booties during cozy fall and wintertime.” They come in multiple color options and have an easy-to-wear, lightweight, slide-on style with a hardsole that can be taken out and about. 


Sometimes when searching for the perfect gift, you’re not sure if it will fit the person’s taste or are something they will actually use. A classic slipper with a unique moccasin silhouette, the Cally is a safe bet that can work for multiple people on your list. They’ll be thrilled to have a versatile leisure piece in their closet. The women’s slippers are made with genuine soft suede leather, and the wearer will be stepping into plush pile lining. If you have enough left over in your gift budget, pair them with yoga pants, a scarf, or a sweater for a cozy gift package. You could also create a “winter survival” pack that includes the slippers with herbal teas and scented candles.  

Thunderbird Softsole

You may not be able to afford a vacation gift, but you can take family and friends on a journey with the Thunderbird Softsole. Get these slippers for the ones in your life who have an independent spirit. Featuring fringe, stitching, and a unique hand-beaded design, the Thunderbird Softsole is a memorable present that will avoid a re-gifting fate. With a barefoot feel and supple leather material, the recipient will love every smooth step. The shoes can be taken out for easy, casual wear or worn indoors for comfortable lounge time.

Find more lifestyle inspiration at Krista Williams’ website, The Hundred Blog.

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