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Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

Over the years, it’s clear that moms know how to make the holidays special. Return the favor by giving her a present as wonderful as she is. If you’re at a loss, you’ve come to the right place for ideas. Fashion-forward lifestyle blogger Mom Crush Monday is a mom who knows style. We took inspiration from her personal shoe picks to create this gift guide for your mom or for the moms in your life. Check out these selections that are sure to make her winter days merry and bright.

Chrissy and Charley Slippers

Slippers are one of the best gifts to receive! Moms appreciate quality, and the Chrissy slipper has durability that will last her a long time. Winter means a few cozy nights in, and Mom Crush Monday loves to slide these on and spend those times with her daughter. Grab these women’s slippers for a luxurious gift that will let her know she is cherished. With plush lining on the inside and gorgeous suede on the outside, these slippers have appeal for moms of all ages (and you can even pick a pair up for kids).

3-Layer Fringe Boot

The 3-Layer Fringe Boot is for the cool and confident mom. Moms are sacrificing and sometimes will take care of herself before anyone else. Get her something fun so that she can be the star. With soft suede, a padded insole, and three layers of fringe, it’s hard to top this gift. The boots are ideal for the mom who loves shoes; this is your chance to give her an accessory that’s truly original, but also offers plenty of style options. They can be worn with dresses, skinny pants, or denim; and there’s even an adorable mini version.

Kilty Softsole

Moccasins are a fantastic gift pick for the active mom on the go. The Kilty Softsole is easy to take on and off like a slipper, but you can also take them out for visiting friends, picking up the groceries, grabbing a coffee, and more. Mom Crush Monday keeps moccasins in constant rotation throughout the seasons because of their versatility, taking them along on her travels from Utah to Los Angeles. She writes in her blog, “I think adding things like cute moccasins to your wardrobe is a must. They’re one of those pieces that highlight your personality.” Get a pair for the mom in your life who will appreciate a comfortably padded, softsole shoe with cute, fringe-y style.

For more style inspiration, check out Mom Crush Monday at her blog and Instagram.

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